The social network Instagram has become a popular place to sell products and do e-commerce with the new shopping features.

If previously, the only way to offer products to users of the network was to set up a link in the biographies, the social network has revised its policy and now offers a visual showcase so that everyone can explore the new products of companies that ‘they follow.

Instagram shopping is now mature with over a billion monthly active users and over half a million advertisers. If you, too, want to start selling on Instagram our article should be of interest to you.

A Desire to Create Exclusivity

The social network Instagram seeks not only to allow its e-commerce users to sell their products, but also wishes to offer exclusives on its network. By wanting to create a very specific universe around brands, Instagram is getting closer and closer to its community by improving the shopping experience. Beyond offering a shopping experience inside the Nauru Email List social network, the new Instagram shopping feature also aims to promote exclusive products only accessible from the Instagram network.

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The “explore” and buy function within the application itself gives users the possibility of discovering products related to their affinities directly from the brands’ Instagram account. Selling on Instagram: the steps to follow Reaching potential customers on Instagram using the new shopping features requires converting your classic profile to a business Instagram profile.

On a smartphone, tap the button that looks like a hamburger in the upper right corner of your dashboard. Touch Settings at the bottom right and scroll to> Switch to ‘company profile’. When you switch to a business profile, new features appear like first: Instagram Insights. The data and statistics will be particularly useful in a professional context, and you can follow these metrics on the Instagram application installed on your smartphone. Data on the number of subscribers and demographics will now always be at hand. The other advantage of switching to a pro profile is that you can configure buttons at the top of your profile, under your biography.

New Links Give Users the Ability to Call

These new links give users the ability to call, email, or get directions about your business. The third advantage of going into a “business account” is of course the “story Link”! As you may know if you read our blog (or not), Instagram does not give the option for users to put links in posts and it is only possible to post one link to a website in the biography. When you have a business profile, it becomes possible to add links to your “Instagram stories”. The social network strongly promotes “Instagram Stories” and your new functionality will be a considerable asset for your business.

Last but not least, you can now log into your Facebook Business Page and start serving Instagram ads through Business. Using hashtags To sell on Instagram, you can also use hashtags, some network users indeed use this means to find products related to their interests. The trick to finding the right hashtags is to go to Discover> Search> Tags to identify terms related to your niche. Using hashtags makes it possible to use the so-called organic power of the network without resorting to obviously paid advertising devices.

Tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social will come in handy for setting up an organic publication schedule weeks in advance, but also Instagram Insights to schedule your posts. Promote publications The leverage of Instagram advertising can be very powerful using your Facebook ADS account, you are able to make good ROIs and your ads are built correctly, their conversion rates will be high. Advertising on digital media like Instagram cannot be improvised and achieving profitability is often part of a much larger digital marketing strategy that brings together several tools.

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