In B2C e-commerce, the marketing approach must be effective in reaching targets in order to transform them into customers. More and more e-commerce players are turning to marketing tools like Selligent. What tool is it and how does it work?

Selligent: The Essential Information

Selligent Marketing Cloud is just a platform dedicated to omnichannel and integrated marketing automation . This solution inherits an artificial intelligence engine that allows it to automate many processes. In this context, B2C Philippines Email Lists marketers can optimize interaction with their targets by offering them personalized customer experiences, regardless of the levers used.

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Selligent can be operated, no matter your industry, but is more effective in the field of retail, travel, leisure, finance or even hospitality.

By leveraging it, you will succeed in driving your return on investment by increasing customer value. You will be able to involve your contacts by using different levers, especially social media. The key is to entrust the management of the Selligent tool to a marketing specialist.

Unlike other marketing platforms, Selligent is easy to use. The functions are intuitive, particularly in terms of data management, behavioral retargeting and communication. New experiences are waiting for you, especially on the consumer side with the use of machine learning.

Good Reasons for Using Selligent?

If you are hesitant to use Selligent while in the e-marketing arena, here are a few reasons that may interest you. There are indeed a number of advantages that you can exploit with Selligent such as:

The creation of a great profile for each contact
Selligent Marketing Cloud inherits a Universal Consumer Profile which integrates a CDP or Customer Data Platform. This enables it to accept data input from all channels that consumers use. In other words, Selligent allows you to create a great profile for each of your contacts. By automating the process, you won’t have to manually merge all the customer data that comes to you. Collecting customer data through your websites or social media accounts will no longer be a time-consuming operation. If you already use a Customer Data platform, you can easily connect it to Selligent Marketing Cloud and benefit from better automation of your marketing actions.

Le Marketing Omnicanal

If you want to benefit from a lasting relationship with your customers, it is in your interest to favor interactions with them. To do this, you need to send them messages according to their needs and expectations. With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can deliver personalized content through different channels. This content is based on consumer behavioral data, data that is collected via the tool in real time.

Your customers will thus benefit from a better shopping experience and their interaction with your brand will be original in addition to lasting. After having attracted their attention, you can motivate them to make the purchase by providing as much detail as possible, particularly on the products you offer, your nearest point of sale or even your stock level.

Precise Behavior Monitoring

Selligent Marketing Cloud allows you to perform behavioral retargeting. Indeed, you will be able to closely follow the behavior of your customers to then collect all the navigation data of visitors to your site. Better yet, you can set up profiles for both identified and anonymous visitors. Through simple workflows, you’ll be able to identify your visitors’ purchase history, action-based audiences, and more.

Thanks to Selligent Marketing Cloud, you will be able to identify your profitable customers. You can also direct your marketing campaign to visitors who have similar profiles. For that, you need to set up a personalized campaign in order to convert them into customers. This operation is easy to carry out on Selligent thanks to its many options.

A tailor-made omnichannel strategy
Via the Selligent tool, you can carry out all your outbound marketing operations with ease, starting by sending personalized messages to your customers through multiple channels.

From Selligent, you can create complex communication flows in order to increase the number of your contacts. Thanks to its completely intuitive interface, you can create, test, personalize or even optimize your omnichannel campaigns so that they are very relevant. The results will then be palpable vis-à-vis your targets.

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