In these times of crisis, any business with a physical store must find solutions to compensate for the enormous losses suffered by the drastic drop in store footfall.

Faced with Covid-19, internet traders are rubbing their hands, but the same is not true for physical outlets, some of which may not survive the pandemic.

Fortunately, there is some good news for small businesses in this gloomy time.

Shopify, for example, decided a few months ago to offer free gift card sales to any business that agrees to purchase a subscription with the ecommerce platform.

With gift certificates, gift cards have become fashionable in France for a few years.

It is both a good publicity stunt for Shopify and a boon for businesses that have not yet attempted the adventure of online sales to finally get started, and especially to bring in a little money in the coffers during this slack period.

You are interested ? Here’s how to do it.

1-? Go to
Go directly to the website of the e-commerce platform which offers you a free 14-day trial period to start your online store.

Your first step is to choose a name for your store that will be visible on the web in the form of the following URL: Maboutique Portugal Phone Number List myshopify. Of course, you replace Maboutique with whatever name suits you.

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Once your account is created, you will be logged into your own Shopify store.

Before accessing gift cards, it is essential to select a plan among several options that Shopify offers you.

The cheapest plan starts at 29 euros per month , it’s the “Basic Shopify” plan. It is ideal if you are new to selling online.

Then comes the classic “Shopify” package, which costs 79 euros monthly .

If you want an online sales tool with much more complete and advanced features, the Shopify Advanced plan should fill you up at 299 euros per month .

So choose the solution that suits you best, depending on the price and the features offered – the Basic seems appropriate if you are new to e-commerce – and Shopify will ask you to provide some essential information, such as your bank details or the reference of your PayPal account.

The good news, as we pointed out at the beginning, is that shopify won’t charge you any fees during your first 2 weeks of operation, since they advertise a “14-day free trial period”.

2-? How to create a gift card?

After selecting your package, you can now create digital gift cards.

To do this, go to “Product”, and then click on “Gift Cards”.

To activate the functionality that allows you to create gift cards, first click on the “sell gift cards” button, and then on “Edit product”.

Finally, you will see a link on which you will have to click to access the “gift card” interface.

Once on this page, you will be able to personalize your gift card.

At the very top of the page, you start by giving your gift card a title.

Just below you see a large box provided for the description of your gift card. This is where you can develop the characteristics of your cards. For example, this is the time to explain to your customers that the gift card is a way to support SMEs that are suffering during this period when our outings are limited to what is strictly necessary.

Even further down, you will see an insert dedicated to multimedia supports. It’s up to you to create an image to illustrate your gift card. To do this for free and easily, you can use an online tool like Canva.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page, in the “variants” part, you will be able to determine the different amounts that customers will be able to buy, but there are already default values, such as 20 euros. Customers who want to spend 80 or 100 euros can simply buy multiple cards.

The very last step before validating this gift card offer will be to select the sales channels that will be used to distribute your card. First choose your brand new e-store, and then later you can always add more channels.

Once all the steps listed above have been validated, all you have to do is click on “Save”, and voila, your gift card is accessible to Internet users.

3-? How to customize and launch your Shopify e-store?

After seeing how to quickly create a gift card, take the time to set up your Shopify store to match your image.

Here we’ll show you some tips that will get you up and running your new online store in less time than it takes to tell you.

It’s up to you later to complete this customer personalization, when you will also have more experience and a good knowledge of the platform.

The first step to personalize your online store starts on the tab “Sales channels”, then “Online store”, and finally “Themes”, on which you will have to click.

For now, we’ll just use the default theme, called “Start”. But nothing prevents you from taking a look at other themes on “Discover free themes”.

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