Where we still give away a lot of traffic in the Netherlands by having influencers promote products on their own channels, the Chinese ensure that the influencers can be seen on the company account. This can be done through a so-called ‘take over’ (in which the influencer takes over the company’s social media channel) or through exclusive collaborations with influencers. With the aim of?

Make use of the 80/20 rule

Getting as many people as possible to their own channel and building real communities. 2. Customer journey optimization In the Netherlands we may still think too often that a sale is an isolated event. We work with funnels where the end point must Austria Phone Number lead to a sale. For example, you can go shopping at a supermarket. You also need beer or a bag of pet food and that is quite heavy to take with you immediately.

Audit your current technology stack

However, it is not yet possible to order these products directly during your visit to the supermarket. To collect it immediately afterwards or to deliver it the next day (or the same evening). The visit to the supermarket is designed to buy your products and take them with you. The reason is that we still work too much in silos. You have a team responsible for e-commerce and a team for the offline sales channels.

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