Without fanfare, Google launched in August a new tool specially adapted for the most successful content publishers, called Search Console Insights. This service has the ability to extract data from Search Console and Google Analytics. The aim is to help website builders and publishers understand how Internet users discover the types of content on their website and observe what attracts them in the articles offered.

Here is an overview of the information to which we can access thanks to the reports provided by Search Console Insights and some additional explanations about this new Google tool, whose access to the general public is currently limited.

What will the new data provided by Google Search Console insights be used for?

These insights, or data, are generated in order to better understand how audiences discover content on their site from a Google search perspective. This USA Consumer Phone List key data will tell webmasters what types of content are of interest to Internet users and which articles link to their site.


In addition, it will provide additional clues for search engine optimization and help copywriters consistently create more high value content.

This new service appears particularly useful for hubs and blogs housing “evergreen” content and it seems that with Search Console Insights, Google wants to offer a new experience totally adapted to content creators and publishers.

It was actually in June that Google started sending emails offering invitations to participate in this new beta project. And in mid-August, via Twitter, Google tweeted “We’re starting to roll out a new experience for beta testers: Search Console Insights.”

This seems to indicate that the search engine giant has taken the feedback of its many users into account and is still considering their comments and opinions.

What is Google’s goal behind the launch of this new tool?

The purpose of these insights is to help creators and publishers answer the following questions about their site’s content:

• What are your top performing pieces of content?

• How is your new content performing?

• How do people discover your content on the web?

• What are the most frequent and popular requests for your site in Google search?

• What other sites and articles link to content on your site, and have any new referring links been added?

SEO report Search Console Insight

What do reports from combined Google Search Console insights and Google Analytics data contain?
Here is the type of SEO report Search Console Insight can bring to you:

The information you get from Google Search Console Insights initially displays an overview of your website activity, along with a thumbnail of your site’s favicon and a report on the number of views of your web pages (all-time page views).

Then there is a section called “your new content” which shows how your new content is performing in Google search. It tells you when Google discovered the content, how many views of the content, and how much time people are spending viewing that new content.

Another section highlights the average duration of page consultation, information that is also accessible for a given time. This data can also be displayed day after day on a graph.

The section called “How People Find Your Pages” reveals your top traffic channels, encompassing organic, social, and direct search. You can thus know the total number of views, the time spent on the pages and the percentage distribution by content element.

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