Are you launching a new product on the market? Do you want to communicate the good quarterly results of your business? Or send an important message to your customers? In all of these cases, and many more, as we will see, distributing a press release can be an effective and winning media strategy, and it can be said in general that the “CP” is an excellent communication tool. companies must absolutely integrate it into their public relations strategy. And contrary to what one might think, the press release is not reserved for large groups or large companies. CP has its place in a company’s communication plan, whatever its size, because despite the advent of social networks, it remains the most popular format for journalists.

What is a press release?

A regular cadence of news and significant events within a company can help it to stand out and to develop close relations, even acquaintances with journalists and the press over time. This is where the press release comes in.

A press release is an official announcement, most often written, but sometimes recorded, that a company broadcasts to the media, in the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List broad sense (newspapers, specialized press, generalist, bloggers, influencers, etc.) to highlight an event. or a special occasion.

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A good press release is a document that should contain understandable language, short sentences, some visual elements, and possibly a statement from someone affected by the information in question, preferably someone in office. important within the company.

Most press releases are succinct and consist of a single page (two pages, maximum). Ultimately, companies want to provide enough information through a PR so that news outlets have enough substance to publish their own stories, relating to whatever the company advertises in the newspaper. communicated.

It can be tempting to write a press release that embellishes your company’s accomplishments or distorts the facts to make a story more compelling for the media. But press releases live in the public domain, which means your customers and prospects can eventually see them. So, instead of thinking of the press release only as a way to gain media coverage, you should instead see it as a valuable piece of content, and complementary to your overall marketing strategy.

Here are some types of situations and opportunities that lend themselves well to a press release, with illustrative examples.

Product launch

For the launch of a product, the press release remains one of the most effective tools available to you.

The title of your press release (as well as the subject of your media presentation email) is crucial in ensuring that your press release gets read, or that the email you are going to send to the media is opened.

So we recommend that you spend a little more time on this exact point, to make sure your headline grabs attention and mentions the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your product.

Then add some notable features and benefits that will get people to read what your product has to offer. Try to include numbers in the subject of your headline / email. They are proven to improve open rates.

Remember that your title and subtitle will need to incorporate elements or information that may attract the curiosity of the audience.

In the case of a product launch, the visual aspect is decisive. If you want your product to be noticed, you need to promote it with images, photos, videos, logos, and even additional details attached.

Here is a perfect example of a press release made by Shimano for the release of a new product:

Here’s why this press release is good:

Journalists can easily find and download high-resolution photos of your product
It presents a clear explanation of what this new product offers in terms of value
It has interesting details about the sizes and materials of the product

Launch of a new service
To get the best media coverage, you’ll need to show that your new service addresses a very real problem your target audience is facing – and demonstrate that that problem hasn’t been resolved yet.

The promise of your service should be simple and summarized in the title of your press release. Like new product announcements, press releases for a new service should show how the need is being met by that service, as well as how innovative it is from what is currently available in the market.

Here is a good example of a press release for the launch of a new service:


Why this press release works:

The promise of this new service is clear and conveyed in the title of the press release. BlaBlaCar demonstrates the real need for this service, which no one answered (“There are 13.5 million people who go to work and come back every day”) and how they were best placed to answer it (“We see a steady increase in shorter trips offered on BlaBlaCar ”).

Communication of an event
When it comes to events and openings, think of your press release as a massive digital invitation. Before creating one, determine what makes this event so important to your audience.

Remember that press releases can be sent for a variety of events, including those that are closed to the general public. While sending a press release before an event is more common, there are several advantages to sending it after the event. For example, you can highlight the success of the event and increase the desire of attendees to attend the next one. In any case, remember to present practical details such as time, location, tickets, information about press sessions or press conferences.

Most importantly, what will inspire reporters to pick up on your story are the images and graphics. An easily accessible media kit with beautiful images and photos will greatly improve your chances of being published.

Here’s a good example of a press release that contains high-resolution images, videos, text that provides context for the event and location, and provides practical information:

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