Google Ads Scripts | Source: Ad parameters allow you to add dynamic content to your ad that shows how long it will take for your sale to start. By adding a piece of script to the ad-group you want to highlight, you activate the countdown feature . The script shows how many days and hours it will take before your sale starts. It is also possible to set this for multiple ad groups at the same time.

Smart Bidding Strategies

It is even possible to set the sale countdown for an entire campaign. As a follow-up to the sale countdown, it is also possible to use a similar widget while the sale is running. This can, for example, show Macedonia Phone Number how many days and hours the sale is still running. If you have separate ad groups for both the countdown ads and the live sale ads, you can switch from countdown to live on Black Friday.

Important dates in 2021

With the help of Google Ads scripts you can have your new ad group again display a countdown that shows how long the sale will last. 3. Smart Bidding Strategies Certainly not new, but no less valuable for that. Since the introduction of ‘Smart Shopping campaigns’ in 2018, Google has taken the path of AI and algorithms. By using a large amount of data, purchase signals from potential customers can be noticed earlier.

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