It often happens, during a marketing campaign or sending letters to your customers, to receive a large number of returns from La Poste, which qualifies them using the following acronyms: NPAI (does not live at the address indicated) or PND (undelivered mail).

Why was the Post office unable to deliver your mail , and it was returned to you? Either because your address file is not complete or contains errors, or because the addresses in question were incorrect (bad postal code) or incomplete (one or more elements are missing in the address block).

Thus, if your company sends tens of thousands of items every month by post, regular RNVP processing becomes essential.

The primary interest is obviously to lower your postage costs, but it is also the best way to lower your NPAI and PND rates, and to facilitate deduplication or future data enrichment.

What exactly is RNVP treatment?

An RNVP processing is a series of operations carried out on a file, which makes it possible to ensure the existence of addresses present in a database, and their standardized character. This processing therefore consists of a computer processing service carried out by specialized service providers, approved by the National Address Service, which automatically corrects certain Argentina Phone Numbers List and identifies any errors for manual processing.


Here is what is meant by Restructuring, Normalization, and Validation:

  • Restructuring: this corresponds to the processing of putting in order the different lines of the address block – addressee, additional address, route, PO box or additional routing, postal code, town, etc.
  • Normalization: each line of the address block meets certain rules for length, punctuation, forbidden characters, etc. The standardization of input characters is provided for by the Afnor NF Z 10-011 standard.
  • Validation: roadway repositories, postal codes-localities and cedex are published by the SNA (National Address Service) and make it possible to check the existence and spelling of roads, towns, postal codes, cedex, etc. This check makes it possible to check whether the entered postal address is correct, and also restores the standardized address in the event of an error.

Why is RNVP treatment necessary?

RNVP treatment is necessary for:

  1. Comply with postal standards
  2. Reduce PND or NPAI rates
  3. Benefit from preferential postal rates
  4. Successful mass mail routing
  5. Improve the quality of your customer relationship
  6. Have a reliable CRM database

There are many RNVP software and service providers out there, and choosing the right RNVP tool for your business isn’t always easy. Here below are the main RNVP solutions in France today, to help you see a little more clearly.

Some examples of RNVP solutions for your business

  • DQE Software

DQE Software’s RNVP solution is called DQE ADDRESS, and allows you to easily control the entry of French and international postal addresses in real time. The strong point of this RNVP solution lies in the simplicity of the customer journey for users and its use in real time. The addresses suggested by DQE Address are reliable, verified, and come from international postal geographic repositories.

DQE Software’s RNVP solution is available in SaaS mode or in “on premise” mode. In Webservices / API mode, you can integrate it on your website or in your CRM, like many products developed by DQE Software.

Main Features :

  • GPS assisted postal address entry
  • Postal addresses certified by international geographic reference systems
  • SNA approved
  • 76 310

The Data Quality SaaS solution from the French brand 76310 makes it possible to control and correct the postal addresses of files in a very simple way, via an intuitive interface. It is based on the RNVP (Restructuring Normalization Validation Postale) software approved by the SNA, according to the Afnor NF 10-011 address standard.

The reference data for the correction of addresses are the official postal repositories of La Poste, as follows: Hexaposte (CP-VILLE), Hexavia (Voies), HexaClé (number), Hexaligne3 (Residences, housing estates, etc.), Roudis ( for the Press).

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