Theodore, whenever you’re writing your blog post, you should always try to target some high-value. Keywords this way, every click you make in your info links ad. You will be able to earn a better income. Against. However, always try to use relevant keywords only in your article. I can’t fully emphasize the. Importance of finding the right keywords for your article. The more traffic you find, the more relevant and. Profitable your ads will serve to your pages. Turn info links ads on and off you can decide to prevent info. Links ads from appearing on some pages or sections of your website. This can be achieved simply by. Turning it on or off.

For Example You Can Choose Not to Show Ads in the Sidebar

Header, or footer of your website. Info links support system info links has very active and supportive. Customer support. At any point, if you have UAE Phone Number problems with ad integration, customer support will always be. Happy to help. Just ask a question and you’ll get an answer within 24 hours. Info links payment system the. Great thing about info links is that you pay publishers on time. Publishers can receive payments from info. Links using painters, pay pal, bank wire, and arch (only available for us accounts) prepaid master card. For pay pal and pay over, the minimum payment is $ 50, and for bank wire and achy, the minimum. Payment is $ 400.

Therefore if You Want to Link Your Info Links Network

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To pay pal, you only have to pay $ 50 from info links ads, so if you want quick payment to your bank. Account, we recommend getting a painters or pay pal account. ..However, if you do not reach the minimum. Payment in any month, this month’s revenue will be added to your text month’s revenue. They maintain a. Revenue ratio with publishers at 70:30, which is the highest revenue share offered by industry advertising. Companies. According to the report, the google ad sense team pays publishers up to 68% of total revenue. Through the pep advertising program. Revenue report dashboard from info link links allows you to track. Your revenue from your publisher dashboard.

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