In the context of business projects, we often hear the term planning or back-planning. Common in the professional world, they relate to the organizational part.

If the planning is known to all as being the establishment of a professional calendar that goes from the date of the start of the project to the date scheduled for its end, back-planning still remains unclear for many people. Yet this is a particularly effective tool.

Reverse Planning : What Is It?

If the end date of the project you are preparing has already been set and you no longer have any possibility of negotiation, it is a back-planning that you must put in place. It is a project management technique which consists of starting Montenegro Email List from the end date of the project and then gradually going back to its beginning.

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In the same way as a countdown, the steps and tasks to be carried out are then positioned so that their completion does not experience any delay and so that the deadline set in the specifications is respected. You must respect the duration of each task to be accomplished or shorten the following ones, otherwise you risk experiencing a delay in the final delivery. as for the realization of a planning, you can also use the Gantt chart which is a back-planning variant. The Gantt chart is a technique that allows you to graphically represent the progress of the project and to visualize over time the various tasks that make it up.

Why Opt for Back- Planning ?

If you want your project to be completed on time and under the best possible conditions, back-planning rather than conventional planning is an option that should not be overlooked. It is not a question of working backwards, but of focusing on the imposed deadline in order to optimize the organization and to distribute the tasks well. If you do it right, there are a number of advantages that there are a number of benefits you can enjoy with back planning. Here are 7 advantages of using reverse planning: Better respect of the delivery time If you take into account the date planned for the end of your project, you will be more efficient in its realization, because your actions will be well planned. While you will be under pressure and stress may be there as well, but you will achieve your goal without a problem because you will be better organized.

Make Sure the Deadlines Are Reasonable

When you are leading a project, you need to set a deadline to be effective. Any project must be carried out within a well-defined period for profitability concerns. If the deadline is not met, the project cannot be qualified as successful. However, some deadlines are too tight, even exaggerated. Thanks to back-planning, you will immediately know if the imposed deadline is correct or not and you will notice it when organizing the steps and tasks. Manage the different stages of the project under the best possible conditions Thanks to back-planning, you will have a more precise vision of all the stages that make up your project and you can freely set the deadline for each stage.

If the overall processing time seems wide and reasonable to you, you can extend the time for one or more steps in order to provide more qualitative work. On the other hand, if the estimated time for processing the project is shorter than expected, you can adjust the duration of all stages to be able to meet the deadline.

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