Knowing the important dates of national and even international electronic commerce becomes essential for ambitious e-merchants. This makes it possible to carry out marketing campaigns and promotions for specific days which are celebrated in a large number of countries, and to prepare for a significant and sometimes brutal increase in sales.

This is the opportunity to achieve good sales over just a few days, several times a year.

So as much to say that one should not miss these days and these special periods, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, and it is strongly Barbados Email List advised to take it well in advance to have the time to analyze the characteristics of each event:

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which demographic categories are affected? What kinds of products are popular? What are the global trends in e-commerce? Etc.

Thus, the establishment of a roadmap or a calendar devoted to these major annual events will help you to fully understand all these special days whose particularities we will develop throughout this article: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, summer sales, back to school, and finally the holiday season.

Here is a calendar full of practical tips that can certainly help you prepare your strategy and your marketing campaigns for the coming year.

Valentine’s Day, feast of lovers

For the past ten years, Valentine’s Day has become a key date in the digital commerce calendar almost everywhere in the world.

First of all, here are some telling figures about this great commercial event which falls on February 14 of each year:

More than 60% of French people celebrate Valentine’s Day
More than 70% of French people spend between 50 and 100 euros for Valentine’s Day
More than 80% of French people consult the internet to prepare their purchases, and there is an increase of more than 80% in online spending during the week preceding Valentine’s Day.
Who benefits the most from Valentine’s Day?
At the top come the restaurants, because the couple’s dinner remains a classic on February 14th. Then, it is the florists and the jewelers who rub their hands, followed by the brands of beauty products, perfumes, cosmetics, and the chocolate makers!

What is also interesting to observe, in recent years, is the increase in registrations on dating platforms at the beginning of February and the rentals of sedans with private drivers, just to bring out the big game for an evening. memorable.

Divide your inventory by demographics and interests

You should try at all costs to make it easier for your potential customers to find what they are looking for on your site, as this can ultimately increase your chances of making sales. One of the best ways to do this is to segment all of your available inventory into categories and make those categories easily accessible from the home page.

You can also establish a division between the products “For him” and “For her”. But in reality, you should consider further segmentation by product type in order to offer more options, like “Jewelry for her” or “Gifts for him”. You can also offer segmentation by price, as in the following example: “Valentine’s Day gifts under £ 100”.

This is a tactic used by many e-commerce brands to improve user experience and drive sales.

Consider optimizing your keywords for maximum exposure

If you haven’t yet added the Valentine’s Day search terms to your product listings, it will be high time to think about it in early 2021. Keep in mind that this is the most popular time of year. suitable for Valentine’s Day shopping takes place one week before the event.

Think about all the products and services we’ve talked about above and separate them by themes (funny, romantic, unique, etc.), by price point (low budget, mid / affordable, luxury), and of course by type of product (jewelry, chocolates, flowers, etc.).

From there, you will need to optimize your e-commerce site to increase the visibility of your items sold online.

If you use Google Ads, also consider creating a campaign for the occasion using your chosen keywords. Before that, be sure to look at the search volume for each keyword, using a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner.

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