If the digital transformation of companies generates profound changes in the very organization of companies, it is also at the origin of social, environmental and societal impacts. Training the digital experts of tomorrow, our Web school is fully mobilized to face these new responsibilities, reflected in particular by an ambitious CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy . Signatory of the Planet Tech ‘Care Manifesto, Digital School of Paris is making a concrete commitment in this direction.

A Mobilization for Responsible Digital

While ADEME estimates that digital technology in the broad sense is responsible for the emission of 2 to 4% of greenhouse gases , the agency emphasizes, at the same time, that it consumes 4.2% of global production of primary energy. Environmental Jordan Email Address impacts are therefore an essential issue, all the more so as digitization is set to accelerate.

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The studies thus underline that every second, each individual “produces” 1.7 MB of data, which must then be processed, analyzed and saved. The projectives of several institutions finally alert to the exponential growth of connected objects, the number of which will have multiplied by 48 between 2010 and 2025.

More Responsible Digital Technology, a Goal for Digital School of Paris

In accordance with the commitments of the Planet Tech ‘Care manifesto, our Web School participates in the integration of teaching intended to promote the development of “” responsible and ecological digital technology””. Because our students will be responsible for these environmental issues, their course must allow them to go beyond the stage of simple awareness.

For the Digital School of Paris , such a commitment is not limited to a simple educational ambition but translates into concrete actions, taking into account all aspects of harmonious development:

Of actions for environmental protection (dematerialisation, waste sorting, …)
Strong actions for sustainable development (optimization of recycling, reduction of our energy consumption, etc.). Concrete commitments for more egalitarian digital technology (fight against discrimination, right to training for all)”

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