Think of the much-discussed Sywert van Lienden who earned millions of euros with his dubious mouth cap deal. Sustainable and social Now that the current economy. Which is based on infinite growth, is becoming increasingly. Untenable due to climate change, international. Conflict and social discontent, another school of economics is also gaining ground: post-growth economy .

Economic issues

British economist Kate Raworth calls it the ‘ donut economy ‘. No longer an economy that is addicted to growth and. Fossil fuels and in which the egoistic ‘homo economicus’ is central. But a form of sustainable and social economy in which human well-being, social connection South Africa Phone Number and a flourishing nature go hand in hand. Hence, the supply and demand for sustainable products continues to rise, as does the number of consumers willing to pay extra for more sustainability.

Global Challenges

Children run across a lawn, modern windmills in the background. Doing good counts More and more people, having arrived in the highest regions of Maslow’s pyramid of needs, want to ‘do good’. Strong brands are therefore increasingly meaningful brands , based on a higher purpose, with an appealing brand ideal ( brand ideal ) and shared values ​​( shared values ). Think of the American TOMS with its One for One program. With your purchases.

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