It is common to set up social media marketing campaigns. However, to obtain the best results, it is necessary to build a real strategy in correlation with very specific objectives.

Carrying out internet advertising that stands out from the competition in 2020 is not always easy. In this context, the Reddit discussion platform can be an additional opportunity for advertisers. Reddit Ads: How does it work? How to use it? Zoom on the Reddit platform.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is the star of the moment and everyone is talking about it. Created in 2005 as a community platform that disseminates social news by sharing content, links and bookmarks. These bookmarks allow users or “reddit” to submit their links and to vote, in favor or against other links or messages published in the forums, also called “subreddit” or “sub-reddit” in English. Reddit is a site that brings together an infinite number of themed forums. Formerly oriented towards programming and science, the social news aggregator continues to diversify its content in order to impact a wider community. Even the President of the United States uses it for publications.

It is one of the most popular sites in the world, but only a handful of people use it in France. Reddit is used by over 40% of the American population. Since Americans are always one step ahead of us, taking an interest in this platform can give you a head start! The users of this Trinidad and Tobago Email List platform are both publishers, readers, content creators and curators.

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Why use Reddit to advertise?
Today, many users and businesses are present on Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, and even Pinterest. These networks and media offer advertising services to all businesses via so-called: Ads .

For its part, Reddit remains a social network where companies, especially French-speaking, are still struggling to deploy.

If it made the front page in the United States with 330 million monthly visitors, it is because it has several advantages. Right away, good reasons to advertise with the Reddit social network and maybe come back a precursor.

Viral Potential

Reddit bases its policies on a modern democratic system. In this context, only the notes left by the “redditors” on a content guarantee its visibility. No matter where the content comes from, if it adds value and receives positive votes, it will undeniably be popular.

Otherwise, poorly rated content will be quickly forgotten and therefore never visible.

You understand how likely everyone is to be successful on Reddit, as long as they provide creative and interesting content within their subreddit.

Learn more about your target audience
One of the main benefits of Reddit is that it gives you the ability to target a community in which to react. The possibility, for example, of choosing precise “subreddits” is very advantageous by giving the possibility of intervening directly at the exact place where you need to be.

The “subreddits” represent specialized forums where you can interact to discover all the facets of your community. This is, in fact, a huge marketing advantage, since “redditors” can say what they think about your brand.

Several companies have used the levers of Reddit to grow. This is for example the case of Nissan which, to promote its Versa Note car (the first car delivered by Amazon), asked Reddit to ask subscribers what they like.

Ama to Promote Its Brand

Reddit offers great opportunities to promote your brand. The social network offers AMA, “Ask Me Anything”. This option allows you to present yourself to an audience who will ask you a series of questions about your brand. As you can see, “AMAs” are a great way to talk about yourself and all aspects of your business.

How it works ?
If you’ve never been to the Reddit site , you might get dizzy on your first visit. In one place, the website brings together all the topics. There are forums of all kinds, which discuss various subjects: movies, Gaming, cars…, but also other niche subjects like “LonghornNation” or “CraftBeer”. It is therefore important to understand how Reddit works at the risk of fleeing by feigning and without even having had the time to take advantage of it.

The first thing you need to know is that part of the prosperity of Reddit lies in the interactions between “redditors. Anyone can have an account on Reddit. Users have the option of creating “sub-reddits” and establishing their own rules.

In addition, other users can act as moderators, ensuring the smooth running of “sub-reddits”. By basing themselves on the “reddiquettes” rules of Reddit, they can block comments that go against the terms of the forum that could lead to the exclusion of the group. Also be aware that Reddit puts every post to public vote. Positive votes are called “Upvotes” and negative votes “Downvotes”. The content and threads at the top of the threads are those that have been well received by critics.

Overview of the rules of “Reddiquette”

On Reddit Ads , like on most advertising platforms, it is necessary to follow certain rules for a flawless marketing journey. Take this into account:

Your comments should always relate to the original post;
Fair votes (Upvotes / downvotes) optimize the visibility of a content or discussion;
No matter what community you belong to (media channel, articles, books, polls), you should not spam or self-promote;
Doxing, which means publishing the information of third parties, results in direct exclusion;
Rather than being upset about the spelling or crosspoting (message that appears in several subreddits), your best bet is to vote and move on;
How to become a Reddit member
Obviously, you need to register to start interacting on the platform. For it :

Go to the page and click on “Sign up”
Fill in your data (username, email address and password) in the window in front of you and click on “next”.
Do not forget to specify that you are not a robot by clicking on the Captcha.
Finally, click on the confirmation link in your email box; and voila, you are now a Reddit member.
After registering, you must choose the “subreddits” you prefer. For that, you will find on your interface of the flows (feeds), the best messages (posts) of the moment. You can filter the feeds to see only the most popular (popular), the best (Best), the new (New)…

You have the possibility of integrating the forums of your choice. Preferably, go for those who only talk about your field of activity for targeted marketing. Enter your theme in the search bar and find the “sub-reddits” that correspond to you. Small clarification: the website is in English.

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