Inventories declined and e-tailers decided to stop offering products online. Delivery times continued to increase and prices were through the roof, making it increasingly difficult to achieve good margins. This is also apparent from the figures of the Shopping Index of Salesforce. In Q3 2021, we still saw growth of 18% from 26% and 142% in the preceding quarters. Growth is stagnating, but compared to the global average of 11%, the Netherlands is still doing very well. In the Shopping Index I found even more interesting figures.

Good onboarding

This shows that the Netherlands has one of the highest conversion rate figures. With an average of 3.2%, it is even higher than in the UK (2.8%) and the US (2.5%). The Netherlands still lags behind in the average order amount compared to the global average. Converted to dollars in the Netherlands, this is about $65.70, while the average is $103.43. Is there Argentina Phone Number still an optimization step for the Dutch e-commerce companies? For 2022 I share 6 trends that you can get started in 2022. With the emphasis on ‘can’ because your budget, knowledge and available technology are not relevant.

Focus on staff

These are trends that everyone can benefit from. The article ends with the typical trend topics that we should definitely not forget. 1. Social commerce 2. Customer journey optimization 3. Cross-border commerce 4. Efficient Technology Stack 5. Green Ecommerce 6. Focus on staff 1. Social commerce What the Facebook outage of early October 2021 showed is that you shouldn’t be completely dependent on the tech giants. However, there are also a lot of opportunities.

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