Have you used video-marketing in your business strategies? Do you produce the videos yourself or do you use a stock video platform? Leave us your comments and contributions about this topic. damaged and getting involved in counterproductive situations. When a large volume of content is disseminated as part of a strategy, there is a risk of affecting brands and companies if a specialist is not available to avoid bad practices, deception, exaggeration, lack of quality and irrelevance. Also, there is the possibility of wasting investment due to poor choice of distribution channels and directing efforts towards unsuitable users, among other things. What skills should a good Content Manager have? Undoubtedly, these professionals are characterized by having a comprehensive professional profile within the parameters and demands of contemporary Marketing.

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Among the long list of skills of a Content Manager, the following stand out: Mastery of support tools As you can see, the functions of the Content Manager are demanding and transcendental, so they must be developed with the support of suitable solutions, systems and platforms. These types Vietnam Phone Number List of tools are divided based on three types of tasks: those related to SEO, organization and results monitoring. Let’s look at some examples: SEO tools In this line, SEMrush stands out. A website specialized in tracking keywords, both for paid and organic campaigns. It is also an excellent MOZ tool, since it is also very complete for monitoring social networks, which are an essential part of any content strategy.

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Organization and client management tools In this case, HubSpot stands out, one of the most. Complete tools to organize and automate the tasks of a digital strategy. Buffer, which specializes in social media posting automation, and Simply. Measured, which focuses on social media analytics, are other great solutions. Results analysis tools These are tools that provide the ability to audit and measure the performance ASB Directory of content and different actions, such as Scribit and Blaze Content. Apart from these tools, a Content Manager has to master the use of valuable. Content Management Systems (SMS) such as WordPress, mainly, and Magento. Good writing and expertise in SEO Perhaps, within a strategy, the Content. Manager should not deal with writing a large amount of content. But it is responsible for ensuring that these are effective and of quality.

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