Since the beginnings of digital marketing, many tools have appeared in order to be able to measure the effectiveness of a campaign on the web. You can therefore effectively analyze your visibility and your conversion rate on a daily basis. However, many companies have not abandoned traditional marketing and still advertise on radio or TV.

But the absence of real-time statistical tools for these media does not make television one of the favorite tools of web specialists.

It is from this observation that four French people had the idea of ​​creating a startup in order to offer analyzes specifically designed to help web players to measure, analyze and optimize the performance and ROI of TV campaigns on digital channels.

This startup is Realytics . It was born in February 2014, from the merger of the backgrounds and skills of 4 friends, Guillaume Belmas, Sébastien Monteil, Vincent Nguyen Huu and Grégory Bittan, from the world of games and software development. Realytics offers a precise tool for analyzing the online impact of TV advertising campaigns. It is a real revolution in the calculation of the ROI.

In this article, we will introduce you to Realytics and tell you more about this French startup.

What Is “realytics”?

A few years ago, digital experienced the Real Time Bidding (RTB) revolution and with it better targeting, the expansion of the offer and above all the total transparency of the value of advertising space.

Created in France in 2014, Realitics has followed this trend and therefore now offers companies to analyze the online impact of their TV and radio advertising campaigns. It’s sort of a Google Analytics website for TV.

The technology used by this first independent startup makes it possible to identify, track and analyze the activity of television visitors. Realytics intends to draw relevant lessons from data in order to effectively increase its investments and optimize media Syria Email List planning for TV campaigns (best channel / time slot, most efficient creation, etc.).

Realytics focuses on demonstrating, among other things, that a large audience is not necessarily synonymous with performance and that it is possible to orient research towards a very qualitative audience depending on the target that companies wish to reach.

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Half of their customers are “pure players” who rely on television as an acquisition channel. Over 80% of viewers watch TV and search on a second screen with them, tablet or smartphone. But Realytics also works with more traditional advertisers and with sales channels other than digital.

How Does This Analysis Tool Work for Your Tv Campaigns?

Realytics helps its clients to connect offline and online by optimizing their media plans and TV campaigns. Today, Realytics is helping them connect everything by driving the customer journey from TV to digital. In this way, they have a better understanding of their exposed television audience and they can continue the customer experience of those engaged television viewers to their digital site.

The advertiser has only to send his site, his budget, his media constraints and his target of visits and Realytics delivers him the optimal media plan.

For Realytics, TV can be fully integrated into companies’ digital marketing strategies just like a site or a digital platform, such as social networks, the web or mobile applications. Today, still few pure player advertisers, who use digital ads or sending emails, know that TV offers acquisition costs similar to digital. The methods of measuring the performance of TV advertising campaigns open up new marketing and campaign reach perspectives thanks to multi-channel and multi-medium retargeting, in particular.

Realytics also has a shopping tool called Adkymia. It automates the construction of media plans based on Drive to Web performance. Easily connectable, the platform simplifies the television buying process and allows any budget to access television. Ease of purchase therefore reinforces the TV presence so that everyone can use it as a new, measurable acquisition channel.

Realytics Offers Different Formulas to Support Advertisers:

Ad Performance : from € 2,500 per campaign, this offer will allow you to measure the impact of your campaigns in real time with personalized metrics monitoring. Also available, a complete report at the end of the campaign and a digital follow-up.
Digital Follow up : from € 1,500 per campaign, you will be able to obtain, among other things, a real-time transfer of TV-engaged visitors and data delivery via API or Excel.
AD Sync : From € 1,500 per campaign, you benefit from Adwords / TV synchronization and a real-time alert when a TV spot is broadcast.
Brand Effect : From € 2,500 per campaign, you can measure the halo effect of a campaign and the qualification of your TV engagements.
The impact of the internet on TV advertising
The demand for pure player advertisers has forced the television ecosystem to undergo some major developments in the face of growing competition from digital media such as Google or Facebook or email campaigns.

Pure player advertisers represent more than 20% of TV advertising investments and are leading to significant changes. Indeed, these advertisers demand that the television market, more rigid, more limited and more expensive, adapt to the new requirements of the market. Realytics is there to make these transformations.

In This Context, Television Advertising Is Forced to Adapt and Must Now Be:

1 – Measurable
The television audience is no longer enough to report on the performance of a media plan. The second screen (smartphone, tablet and laptop) and changes in viewers’ behavior open up new consumption perspectives and each scenario must be measurable. Realytics combines TV and digital data and measures the incremental online audience such as the volume of conversions generated by a TV advertising campaign. As in an email campaign, each sending of information will give you feedback that can be analyzed and quantified with precision.

2 – Optimizable
Marketing research shows that thus measured, television proves its productivity and becomes optimizable. Realytics analyze the viewers’ journey throughout a campaign, identify channels, time slots, weekdays and programs that have a propensity to generate revenue. Advertisers are now able to build a multi-channel media plan on the basis of their own commercial measures by choosing the most suitable media to convert (TV program, email, Facebook ad, etc.). Television thus appears as a good vector of “Drive-to-Web”, in addition to its capacity to build a brand image (seen on TV) and a good positioning.

3 – Customizable and targeted
The technology is now able to deliver a message adapted to each audience segment on digital media. As television becomes digital, production companies are joining the same dynamic, like the TF1 group and its One Data offer. Realytics with its increasingly precise data research opens the way for advertisers to personalize messages and therefore better optimize marketing campaigns.

What’s up With Realytics?

Realytics carried out in 2017 a second series B fundraising of 2.5 million euros in France, among others from Elaia Partners and BNP Paribas Développement.

This startup specializing in measuring the impact of TV advertising has the ambition to become the leading platform for offline advertising analysis, in France, England and internationally. The projects are therefore in line with this objective. It continues to invest in R&D, develops commercial partnerships abroad and regularly strengthens the recruitment of key profiles among its teams.

But above all, it regularly launches a few new products and new features (radio analytics, retargeting of viewers, etc.) in line with the current changes in the television market.

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