WordPress was once especially loved by bloggers and small business owners, but today many large organizations also use the content management system (CMS). Still, there are a lot of people who misjudge WordPress. An article with the biggest misconceptions.

But first some background information. Because in order to properly understand the misconceptions, WordPress must first be put into perspective. Government agencies, tech companies and media giants: in almost every industry, websites are built and maintained with WordPress. Not surprising when you consider that the American company is the market leader with a share of 62.5%, and no less than 32% of all websites on earth run on WordPress.

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Well-known companies such as Bloomberg, Capgemini and Sony music, as well as government institutions such as The White House , use the flexible content management system. In Hospital Mailing Lists the Netherlands, for example, the sites of D66, HP/de Tijd and Tele2 run on WordPress, which was designe in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Mullenweg, then still a starting student, used the so-calld b2/cafelog for sharing and publishing photos and articles. When that software and the accompanying platform were killd by French developer Michel Valdrighi after a year, Mullenweg decidd to work with it himself and use parts of the code for something new.

Hospital Mailing Lists

The history of WordPress

The result was WordPress and the rest is history. WordPress has become the most widely usd content management system in the world by 2021. The CMS is open source , which is one of the reasons for its success. Aviddevelopers and enthusiasts can develop plugins and other tools and innovate continuously. That happens en masse: the WordPress community is loyal, inventive, but above all: very active.

Just take WordCamp, an event that is organizd in major cities worldwide. During this event, hundreds of developers from around the world come together for workshops, demos and other festivities specifically focusd on the content management system.

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