More and more companies are realizing the need for good management of identities and customer access. They have already understood that it is essential to focus their marketing approach on the customer in order to increase their turnover.

While complying with the new regulatory requirements relating to the management and protection of customer data (RGPD) , marketers nourish, on a daily basis, the desire to know their subscribers better and, with them, forge close ties to increase their sales. .

This is why companies like ReachFive intervene alongside major brands and retailers, to support them in this objective. We will tell you more about it in this article.

About Reach Five

ReachFive , created in 2014 by Jérémy Dallois, aims to combine brands and consumers in a single contact. Three years after its launch, the company offers its “Customer Identity Access Management” platform. In 2016, ReachFive already Palestine Consumer Email List manages several million identified profiles that have generated more than 20 million connections.

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It is an unparalleled solution that has allowed ReachFive to reap many rewards. The company was awarded the prize for the best startup of the year by the French Connected Commerce Institute on the occasion of the ICC Award. Additionally, for two consecutive years (2018 to 2019), the company was in the cybersecurity startup pool led by CIAM expert Wavestone.

In order to provide hassle-free customer authentication and secure identity management, ReachFive has partnered with companies that have many years of consulting and onboarding experience. Made up of a team of 30 highly qualified professionals, ReachFive works with more than 50 B2B brands in nearly 60 countries.

Even if ReachFive does not give information on the amount of its turnover, it nevertheless claimed accelerated growth of 200% in 2018. It is a pioneer in France and is used by companies of all kinds.

The Different Reach Five Solutions

Surrounded by competent, versatile and dynamic workers, ReachFive provides a wide spectrum of tools that facilitate the management of identities and customer access. Based on an architecture inspired by APIs and cloud diagnostics, the company gives brands the agility and performance they need to adapt to the acceleration of their digital transformation.

Thanks to two numerous third-party systems, ReachFive protects identities (authentication and access to data) from all forms of violation. Designed to be an entry point for a modern customer experience, CIAM is a platform that offers hyperconnected and omnichannel solutions. Adapted for mobile use, its technology is essentially user-based.

The CIAM solution: how does it work?
The goal of this mobile-desktop application is to secure and unify the personal data of customers online without having to overlook ease of use. Through this Customer Identity Access Management, Reach 5 can help customers perform their authentication, in real time and anywhere, and maintain direct access to their data. In addition to authenticating, the company collects, unifies and deploys customer data.

This multitasking application offered by ReachFive offers a wide range of services, namely:

Secure Authentication

CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) provides a user-friendly customer experience through a modern and secure authentication system. For authentication, the platform uses methods such as SSO (Single-Sign-On), OTP (passewordless), biometrics, multi-factor or the OpenID standard, which provides the customer with excellent security. By authenticating customers’ personal data, ReachFive empowers brands to improve the customer experience early on and inspire consumers to engage with their accounts more often.

On ReachFive, it is possible to quickly create an account and integrate online services by dispensing with the registration process. The customer can also connect with social networks such as connection with Facebook or from his Gmail account.

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