Qualifio is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible platform for building interactive campaigns and engaging your communities on the web. Collect and segment data through more than 40 viral levers such as: quiz, personality tests, surveys, photo contests. These levers are easy to create and publish on a website, blog, mini-site, Facebook page or even a mobile app!

Qualifio is a platform that helps brands and media develop engaging approaches to interact with their audience, collect data and feed them in real time to their CRM, DMP, SSO (Single Sign-On), Analytics, etc. Let’s discover the Qualifio platform together in this article dedicated to this specialist in leading connected communities.

Why Engage a Community?

There are several reasons why connected businesses seek to develop a digital community.

The objectives can be numerous and complementary, we can cite for example the possibility of reaching a wider audience by building interactions around its products and services.

There are also goals revolving around trust, creating an engaged community will allow your prospects to strengthen their trust in your business. In the age of robots, automation and machine learning, human interactions and real relationships can become a minority in your marketing strategy and this is particularly true in digital marketing or increasingly. Timor Leste Email List tools and levers do without human beings and real interactions.

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Obviously, “  marketing automation  ” has enabled many connected companies to process large volumes of leads and / or data, but while these resources save us time, it has never been so essential to strengthen community within companies. Building a community around a topic related to your business can be a great way to retain your customers, generate potential customers and advance Internet users in your conversion funnel.

A dynamic community that exchanges and shares on the key themes of your business is an invaluable resource for your customers who can find information and obtain advice. Communities are very effective in giving people a sense of belonging and reminding them that they are not alone when it comes to their problems, which is all the more valid when a company responds to a very specific problem and has already found its “product”. market fit ”!

Animating an audience will allow you to learn a lot about your customers, although a well-done market research will have logically given you most of the answers to your questions, you will never have a more realistic vision of the challenges facing your customers. prospects and your customers only when they interact live! By observing the questions they ask, the answers they give, and the way they interact with each other, you can identify trends and issues they face.

Finally, we can also see that communities promote customer loyalty; According to a HubSpot customer acquisition study, it is 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. You will therefore easily understand the power and the need to set up a community in order to develop its presence on the web and develop its interactions.

How Does “qualifio” Help Me Engage My Audience?

We could sum up Qualifio to an interaction creator.

The tool is indeed capable of building different points of contact such as quizzes, photo contests, polls, games on popular digital channels such as social networks, mobile applications or even websites.

In general, Qualifio is a platform that will help you engage and build a community on today’s networks and marketing levers.

Creation of interactive content
One of the main features of the tool is to allow its users to create interactive content. The most compelling example of interactive content that you can build using this tool is the quiz.

It is an excellent lever to promote engagement in a fun and effective way. No need to know how to program, thanks to Qualifio you can quickly build a multitude of questionnaires with questions including images, videos, text.

All you have to do is define the questions and the correct answers in relation to your activity and publish on the networks, letting the players make a selection!

The other particularly effective lever in this context for creating interactive content is obviously the competition.

Creating a game to entertain your audience, acquire new customers, build loyalty or communicate on the launch of a new product is, with Qualifio, extremely simple.

Always respecting your theme with content conducive to the engagement of your audience, Qualifio will give you the opportunity to set up credible campaigns to publish on social networks or as part of other levers of your overall marketing strategy.

There are more than 50 campaign formats, all of which allow you to customize the content elements to trigger meaningful interactions that are conducive to the development of your business.

From loyalty to the generation of Leads Qualifio is a digital audience facilitator that offers you the opportunity to build effective data collection strategies.

A Tool for Digital Agencies, but Not Only

While it is indisputable that Qualifio addresses digital marketing agencies by helping their clients to engage and build a strategy for data capture, brands are also particularly well supported in the collection and segmentation of data.

From the marketing manager in a company to specialized agencies with established offices, Qualifio is a rising platform that harnesses the full power of interactions and digital engagement levers.

The price indicator
Qualifio is not for all stock exchanges, the pricing of € 1,200 per month suggests that only marketing professionals or agencies that use these tools for their daily business will be able to afford the services of this platform. Faced with this relatively high price, we will note that some users complain about the lack of new features such as games and other ways of working on their audience.

The culture of results: key performance indicators (KPIs)
A marketing campaign worthy of the name built using a platform should allow its creators to learn from their mistakes by offering them the possibility of making changes according to different positive or negative metrics. The adjustments must make it possible to reach more ambitious objectives and to perfect its strategies.

In this context, we can see that the Qualifio tool strongly emphasizes this culture of results. The platform offers, for example, detailed campaign reports and statistics on the different levers that you could build with it. It is also possible to add markers from your own audience measurement tools.

In short, we can say that you will know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

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