If you want to sell on the internet, you have to organize and distribute product information on all your acquisition channels. If you are not familiar with this job you will quickly realize that it is very time consuming and that you will need to use the right tools to get it done.

Quable is one of those tools. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this application which will allow you to centralize, enrich and effectively distribute your product sheets on the internet.

Quable: How Does It Work?

Quable is a professional tool that allows you to centralize your content (product description) and your media (image, presentation video) so that your teams can access them from a single repository. The advantage is therefore to be able to modify and update the information of a product from a single base and these are automatically South Sudan Email List updated on all the other platforms where the product is available for sale.

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The Quable solution was created to support marketers in the development of their digital strategy across all their sales or omnichannel channels. Thanks to this tool, enrich the data of your products so that they better attract your customers and prospects through the various distribution channels, whether they are digital channels or traditional channels. In other words, product information is centralized, regardless of the file format or the information they contain.

When you are done integrating the information into the platform, Quable lets you modify it intuitively, allowing you to absorb the seasonality increases and put your products on sale before your competition.

After making all the changes that optimize the quality of your product data, it is automatically disseminated by Quable through various sales channels. Your omnichannel strategy is much more efficient. So your customers benefit from always up-to-date data, which reduces the product return rate.

The Quable solution is a PIM (Product Information Management), that is to say a product data manager. This tool is in the form of software or SaaS and it allows you to perform a number of operations such as the management, enrichment or even the dissemination of your product information.

If you use Quable PIM, you can easily manage all the textual data contained in each product sheet. You can use PIM as a foundation to quickly and easily open new sales channels and even foreign markets.

As soon as product information is online on your store, the raw data is retrieved by Quable PIM then your product and marketing team is alerted. From there, each member of your team can perform improvement operations.

Collaborative Management

Quable PIM promotes team management. Thanks to this solution, each user is authorized to create workflows that allow them to validate content, modify it or even enrich it. It also receives notifications about information added by other users. He can thus make suggestions as to the improvements made. Monitoring of changes in the quality of product sheets is easily done from the customizable dashboard.

All these users and therefore your teams can be mobilized to improve the quality and visibility of your data in order to increase your sales. It is important to specify that Quable PIM favors this collaborative method, because the goal is the optimization of your files. The solution can therefore register several users and whatever the amount of data and the size of the company.

How to create a product catalog with Quable?
Do you want a product sheet to be more interesting and more visible to your customers? You will therefore have to create a quality product catalog. Thanks to Quable, the objective is to obtain a professional document in a few clicks. Here are the steps to follow if you want to set up your catalog:

Identify the Catalog Template That’s Right for You

Note that the Quable PIM is able to automate the creation of your product catalog and the implementation of your data. Your role will then be reduced to selecting the model to follow. The choice of model is quite time consuming at startup, as you have to take into account a lot of operating criteria and update steps. But once you have made this effort, you will later save a considerable amount of time with this solution.

To get the most out of your Quable product catalog template choice, you should first create a mockup. Identify your data, choose the product categories, the seasons or even the collections you want to include in your catalog. Also think about how you want the information to be laid out. Whether it is texts or photos, it is important to define their appearance.

This choice is important when creating the model. Do not neglect the graphic layout of the data either. Choosing the right font sizes, borders, backgrounds and colors will help you create a quality catalog.

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