The titles should arouse curiosity or maintain interest. People must have the urge to read the article and know exactly what it says. 5. Think in themes and topics Google Discover shows articles based on themes and topics. So don’t think in keywords here, but in specific topics. For example: a famous person, a sports club or a movie genre. Make sure that the content remains relevant to your company.

Improve the EAT of your website

6. Really get to know your target audience If you want to appear in the Google Discover of your specific target group, you must know that target group through and through. What stage of life are they in? What are their interests? The better you know your target audience, the easier it is to Peru Phone Number adapt your content to it and the more likely you are to appear. 7. Make your website mobile friendly And last but not least: make your website mobile-friendly.

Take care of your content

Google Discover is only available in the Google app – so only mobile. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google won’t show your articles in Discover. How can you measure Google Discover? You can find a report via Google Search Console under ‘performance’. There you will find which articles have performed the best, how often your website appears in Discover, how many clicks you have received and a comparison between the organic results and the results of Google Discover.

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