Others these categories constitute the most relevant factors of technical seo. However. There are other common technical issues that are unrelated to the factors just considered. These are mainly related to the sitemap and the structure of the web. For example: page 3xx. 4xx or 5xx in the sitemap. Organic traffic going to a 3xx or non-indexed page. Double slash in the url. Let’s dive into the actions you can take as a small business owner to improve your rankings. As well as the importance of technical seo.

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Why is technical seo important for a company? Look at the following graph: seo chart this graph shows a sharp and sudden drop in organic search traffic. The business impact of a sudden drop in traffic is often significant. Even so. And the mistake that has caused this recession on Guatemala Phone Numbers many occasions is a most innocent mistake. For example. A web developer who has blocked web access in a robots.txt file. Or. In other cases. Redirects that have not been successful during a domain migration or cms transfer. Technical seo avoids these falls. In addition.

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There are a series of steps that allow you to improve your online positioning. Quick guide to technical seo for small businesses now that you know what technical seo is. You should know that there are more than 100 different factors to take into account when evaluating a website with respect to positioning. But which ones are important for small businesses? Next. We have prepared a quick guide with 10 key points that you should take into account when evaluating the seo of a web page.

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