Changed, the contactless economy has risen rapidly, people are more and more accustomed to using e-commerce online shopping, and online insurance has become more and more compact because of “zero contact”. According to the statistics of the financial regulatory commission, in this year alone, compared with the same period last year, the number of online insurance applications in the life insurance industry increased by 87.8%, while the number of online insurance applications in the property and casualty insurance industry increased by 421.9%. Among them, epidemic prevention insurance , vaccine insurance brought a surprising number of cases. According to statistics from the insurance bureau, in january this year, the number of online insurance applications in the life insurance industry reached 12,800, an increase of 87.8% compared with the 6,800 in the same period last year,

In china 2 , due to the popularity of mobile payments and online services

Buying insurance is as simple and convenient as buying products online. Under the loose strategy of encouraging financial technology innovation, the government has not set any special restrictions on the types of goods, insurance amounts and insurance premiums that insurance companies Morocco Phone Number can sell. Special laws or clear regulations, only limited special insurance types in negative lists cannot be  online. However, many countries, such as and the united kingdom, have conducted sandbox tests in terms of policies to accelerate the process of insurance digitalization. Even , china, the united states, japan, , the union all online insurance companies have been established.

Chinese insurance companies have launched many innovative insurances through

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online platforms, which are based on supporting actions to pay premiums and provide more convenient payment channels. At the same time, due to the implementation of the “mobile phone real-name registration system” and the application of face recognition technology, online insurance is . Remote authentication problem. How to be under clear regulations without stifling insurance innovation, these practices and reflections are worthy of reference.  and the premium income was 34 million yuan, which was also  with the same period last year. . These figures show the large demand for people to purchase insurance through the internet. It is foreseeable that online insurance has already become a trend.


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