A major fact in the history of Pinterest
The American application that combines photo sharing and social networking officially announced in July on its website that it now has up to 416 million monthly active users! This is more than the entire population of the United States, which is around 320 million.

This impressive figure places the platform created in 2010 by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermanne above web giants such as Twitter , Snapchat , or LinkedIn. And the progress should not stop there, given the current trend related to the COVID-19 pandemic which favors online shopping all over the world.

These usage trends may well become substantive changes as people who have made a habit of shopping online during the long lockdown are realizing the convenience and benefits of this type. shopping. In the coming years, we should normally observe a significant increase in electronic commerce and in the linen trade. This could bring the photo sharing and social network app into a phase of continued growth.

Trends to Integrate

To mark with a milestone this important milestone in its, the firm based in Palo Alto in California has also published on its information site, Newsroom.pinterest.com , a list of the main trends and changes concerning the use. of the application. It provides a very interesting perspective on the reasons that guide Internet users to Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List connect more and more often to Pinterest.

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Here’s what to take away from these trends:
The number of “Pinners” (American nickname for users of Pinterest networks) under 25 is growing twice as fast as that of users 25 and over. This means that the application which was in decline a few years ago is regaining a certain vitality and is very popular with young people.

Women make up over 60% of Pinterest’s audience, although the number of men using the platform has grown by almost 50% year over year. Pinterest appeals to women, no doubt.

Millennials use Pinterest to try and make their homes more family-friendly and comfortable – for example, the success of the search for “family house plans” can be seen – and to find unique and original objects that they can put in their relaxation spaces.

Regarding Generation Z, we can observe that certain research themes (gender equality, mental health check-ups and positive ideas for the body) have exploded.

All these elements are obviously to be considered in your strategic marketing planning concerning the American social network.

A Year of Transformation

2020 is also the year when Pinterest will have profoundly modified its algorithm. This event announced on the Pinterest Engineering Blog occurred last August and surprised many.

To face this new upheaval, here are some useful tips:

– Create more new Pins

Pinterest has decided to focus on “freshness”, and users who regularly pin new Pins will be well regarded by the algorithm from now on. So try to create new Pins every week.

– Create more new content

Pinterest wants to see new and consistent content on the platform, and not just when it comes to Pins. This concerns for example blog posts, new pages for your products, etc.

Basically, the social network wants to reward content creators.

– Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Until recently, most users thought it was better to pin a large volume of Pins per day.

With the recent changes, Pinterest recommends instead to pin between 15 and 25 Pins on a daily basis. Thus, pinning too much can harm the traffic of your Pins. – Concentrate your Pins on a small number of Boards. It is now advisable to pin your Pins only on your 10 most relevant Boards, and this includes Group Boards.

Also, how often you pin to each Board will matter. Pinterest recommends using an interval of at least 2-3 days each time you pin the same Pin to a different Board. Otherwise, your activity may be considered spam!

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