Pinterest is one of the most used social networks in the world. In 2019 alone, the site recorded no less than 300 million active users. For this reason, more and more companies are interested in setting up marketing and advertising campaigns on this social media. If you’re one of those professionals, here’s how you can set up a Pinterest ad campaign to promote your business.

Identify the Ad Formats You Can Leverage

If you want to promote your products or your services via “Pinterest Ads”, you must know the advertising formats that the platform makes available to you. You can then better choose the format that best meets your needs. Note that Pinterest ADS France provides you with “promoted pins” or “sponsored pins”, “promoted carousels” or Macau Email List “sponsored carousels” and “Shop the look pins”.

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“Promoted app pins” or “sponsored pins”
The Sponsored Pin is just a video or an image that you will show to your audience. Through this format, you can increase the visibility of a specific product. The “Pins” appear where they are most likely to be noticed.

“Promoted carousel” or “sponsored carousels”
“Sponsored carousels” are great if you want to promote, for example, storytelling or a product collection. Carousels make it easy to display many images. Your targets will then be able to scroll through the images with their fingers in order to identify the products or services that you are highlighting. To promote a product, a brand, a service or even a range in particular, Pinterest provides you with 5 images. This type of ad resembles the carousel ad format in the Facebook network feed.

Shop the Look Pins

If you are in the fashion industry, do not hesitate to use the “Shop the Look” pins. Thanks to this advertising format, you will be able to present your articles in an optimal way. By clicking on each item you offer, visitors will access a complete and precise description as well as a link that points to the product sheet.

Create your ad
After you create a business profile on Pinterest if you don’t have one, identify the goal of your advertising project, and prepare your resources like images and videos, you can then start promoting your business and activities to millions. Pinterest users. The first step in this process is to access the “Pinterest Ads Manager” which is available at this link . Once in this manager, you can click on “Announcements” then on “Create an announcement”.

Specify the objective of your advertising campaign
In Pinterest’s Ads Manager, you can choose the type of goal that matches your ad campaign. After you’ve made your choice, the system automatically takes care of sponsoring your Pins for the best possible results.

If You Haven’t yet Determined the Goal, Here Are Some Criteria You Can Rely On:

If you choose to promote your business with a static pin, you can choose “Brand awareness”.
On the other hand, if you want to leverage videos to market your business, go for “Video views”.
If your goal is to generate clicks and invite visitors to take action, select “Traffic” as the goal. (to return to a landing page of your website)
If you want your targets to install your app, this is the “Install App” goal that’s best for you.
In order to optimize the choice of your objective compared to those offered on the platform, you must consider the content you want to promote. Also, be sure to keep your pins consistent with your goal.

Record your campaign information
Before going any further, take the time to name your project and don’t hesitate to determine your daily budget. You can then set up a precise budget for the promotion of your brand or your activities via Pinterest. By doing this, you won’t risk facing a big budget overrun, and your campaign won’t risk being stuck for lack of budget.

To make the necessary checks before launching your campaign, make sure the “Suspend campaign” box is checked.

How Much Does Interest Advertising Cost?

Building brand awareness: $ 2 to $ 5 for 1,000 impressions.
Drive engagement: $ 0.10 to $ 1.50 per engagement.
Boost web traffic: $ 0.10 to $ 1.50 per engagement.
Configure your ad groups
In order to keep track of your ads or to better define the budget you devote to each advertising campaign? You need to create ad groups and have different targeting strategies in place.

Also note that by creating ad groups on Pinterest Ads, you can reach different types of audiences.

Once you have finished creating your ad groups, you will need to combine the Pins that are similar in them. Also check that they can be exploited as part of the same targeting strategy. If so, you should take the precaution of distributing your Pins among your different ad groups.

Choose different types of targeting to reach potential customers
The choice of targeting is very important if you want to reach your targets. In addition to demographic criteria such as language, location, gender, geographic location and others, you must also target your ads by taking into account the keyword used, the interest of the targeting or the audience. . You can also take advantage of extended targeting or take into account other criteria that you deem relevant in the context of your advertising project. Here are some details you should know about these targeting criteria.

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