On average, companies use as many as 120 marketing tools within their MarTech Stack, according to research by ChiefMartec . Those tools have been acquired over. The years, and they are only going to get more. Source: Marketingcharts Those tools are sometimes connected, but more often they are not. Then operational problems arise, for example in setting up and sending campaigns where segments appear to be incorrect. But legal problems often arise as well.

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For example with the AVG. How do you ensure that data quality and integrity remain in order? To solve this problem, it is necessary to connect systems and tools. And I notice that question in daily Georgia Phone Number practice. Where until this year the selection of tools was often. Done on the basis of tooling specifications. Now the integration possibilities of a platform are. Looked at much earlier in the process.

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Trend 2: Low & no-code tooling Following the first trend and the fact that more and more tooling is being spent in marketing departments, there is a trend that marketers want to be in control themselves and not depend on the technical support of other departments or suppliers. What could be more annoying than always having to wait for a technician when you want to send out a campaign? This has resulted in low-code development. In which software development is mainly. Focused on the visual design of applications.

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