It is clear that the urgency of this agenda is particularly important for the communication departments. This is an important reputation drivers. Is your performance not meeting the expectations of your customers or audience? Then we speak of an authenticity gap , which may result in damage to your brand’s image. How do you prevent this? In the article, Vergouw.

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Shares a few more good tips . In her article Leonie Buijsse-Mgbemena calls this the participation inequality. She shares 6 tips to activate the silent majority and invite them to make Founder Email Lists themselves heard. Good to keep in mind if you do feel some disappointment about the minimal influx of responses. This is not only about participation, but also about communication. Ultimately, 100% of citizens do want to be informed, even if they do not actively participate.

Founder Email Lists

Source: Omnicom PR Group research, article Juriaan Vergouw.

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Thea van Unen also emphasizes in her article that traditional branches of the communication profession feel the cultural shift that the aforementioned megatrends entail. She also distinguishes another development. Since the pandemic, consumers have focused on their own neighborhood and community instead of the large corporate companies. Niche cultures are growing in importance. Trust is increasingly determined locally. The pandemic has accelerated this considerably. With all the uncertainty in the unknown outside world, we try again to get a grip on the reality within the world that you do know. How do you build trust in this field of force with PR? Van Unen sees 6 trends :

  1. Marketingification: PR and marketing grow towards each other. It is about authenticity and relationships, no longer the perfect picture.
  2. Test your campaigns against your PR goals and add PR expertise to your marketing team.
  3. Own media channels are central, with quality over quantity and relationship management instead of wide reach as the main goal.
  4. Collaborate with journalistic influencers ( genuinfuencers ) for solid content.
  5. Away with the personal brands, it’s now about experts.
  6. Exit large communication agencies, enter small DIY jobs and press agencies (personal, local, regional and in-house).
  7. Press release is passé: media want customization (from DM to news flash).

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