Payfit is a French tool that helps companies automate their payroll and human resources management. The start-up is growing very quickly and has already raised three funds. Follow the guide to understand how to use this comprehensive HR tool.

What Is Pay Fit?

Founded by three French people, Firmin Zocchetto (CEO), Florian Fournier (CPO) and Ghislain de Fontenay (CTO) in 2016, Payfit is an online payroll and HR management tool. The company created in France started with basic Senegal Email List functionalities like payroll automation for French companies. Payfit then enriched itself with new functionalities and integrated an HR module to complete its offer.

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Today, the French start-up, which claims more than 4,000 customers, offers a set of services to simplify HR management. Now, PayFit can manage most of the administrative tasks of an SME using a fast, intuitive and automated interface. The creation of payslips, the payment and declaration of social contributions, the management of expense reports or leave requests are directly managed by this tool.

Rapid growth
The company is developing very quickly, it is already present in France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. Its European expansion will continue in 2020 with the opening of offices in Italy. Payfit uses its JetLang programming language, developed in-house. It allows the solution to be easily adapted to the legal specificities of each country for faster deployment.

The start-up currently has more than 400 employees and has offices in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and London. In addition, it plans to double its workforce to reach 600 employees by the end of 2020. Payfit recruitment will continue in 2021. In October 2016, Payfit carried out a first fundraising of 5 million euros with Xavier Niel and The Family then a second at 14 million euros in July 2017 with Accel.

Why Automate HR Management?

Administrative tasks like managing payroll or human resources are very time-consuming processes for small businesses. This is why it is essential for them to delegate them. Payfit allows you to automate and centralize payroll and HR very easily. It offers many features for SMEs in addition to responding to the necessary digital transformation of companies.

Thanks to Payfit, HR management is faster and easier. HR managers and employees no longer waste time. In addition, PayFit is less expensive than a third-party company or a full-fledged HR department. The automation of processes makes it possible to put people back at the heart of HR. It improves the productivity and efficiency of HR managers. In addition, process automation is now accessible to all without technical skills.

The advantages of PayFit
The software offers a very intuitive interface, which allows employees to quickly get to grips with this tool. It is updated in real time thanks to a team entirely dedicated to legal and contractual monitoring. In addition, data security is guaranteed by the implementation of several protection mechanisms. In addition, they are backed up every hour.

In addition to its software, Payfit offers regular personalized support with experts who know the situation of the company and its sector. In particular, this will allow a company to learn how to use the software to manage payroll and human resources. In addition, in case of questions, customer service is very responsive. You can get quick answers from PayFit experts with just a few clicks through online help and chat.

The Payroll Module

The payroll management module allows a company to automate the payroll of its employees and to manage its social declarations.

Payroll management
Pay slips are automatically generated and accessible for each employee in their dedicated space. They will be informed by email as soon as they are available. For the salary transfer, a SEPA transfer file is automatically generated each month. The bulletins are also updated when there is a change.

Social declarations
Based on the information provided, PayFit takes care of social declarations and the payment of social contributions to the various organizations (URSSAF, retirement, provident insurance, mutual insurance, etc.). Administrative documents are then stored and centralized. You can also find the summary of payments made to social protection organizations by Payfit.

However, Payfit is not responsible for declaring the annual taxes to which a company is subject (Contribution to Continuing Professional Training, CPF-TP CDD, Apprenticeship Tax or Payroll Tax), but gives all the information relating to the establishment of this in a dedicated tab.

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