Marketing Challenges and Opportunities Good marketing remains necessary to actually get visitors to an event. With the new privacy features from companies like Apple and Google, there will be a lot of challenges around targeted marketing strategies in the near future. From Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and other new settings to Google’s Privacy Sandbox .

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They are good updates in my opinion, which strengthen the user’s privacy. But for the marketers it becomes a challenge to reach the right audience. Especially when we look at the importance of, for example, email in the marketing mix. Due to the updates, much important data can Kenya Phone Number no longer be obtained. On the other hand, I also see a major shift from events as a profit maker to a marketing tool.

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A good example is Microsoft. This company asked $2,500 for a ticket for its major event for corona and attracted 6,000 visitors. By making it virtual and free, 197,000 visitors visited the virtual floor. Microsoft immediately announced that they will always continue to organize this event virtually. You can clearly see this in the figures: 80% of the online events have a free registration, with or without a paid premium component. Less than 25% of event organizers managed to set up a profitable event.

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