In 2021, the TikTok application has spread to almost all countries in the world. Surely everyone knows the TikTok application, which is an application with a focus on short duration video content, which certainly entertains us. Currently, Indonesia is one of the main target countries for the development of the TikTok application. There were several problems with the TikTok application that previously wanted to be blocked, but that didn’t happen and now TikTok is growing. In addition to video content, TikTok added a new feature, namely the TikTok Shop.

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TikTok Shop emerged from April 2021 with innovative services so that we can make buying and selling transactions like other e-commerce, so that we can easily sell and buy Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List a product and can even promote goods by collaborating with TikTok creators. Another unique thing is that we can sell our products online using the live shopping feature and work together or collaborate with TikTok creators so that product marketing will be wider.

Other benefits when we open a business through TikTok Shop are:

1. The number of active users or users is around 800 million accounts.
With the large number of active accounts, the TikTok application becomes a large platform and has the opportunity as a medium for product promotion.

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2. The available features are easy to use.
No need to worry if you can’t edit videos, because in the TikTok. Application there are (light) video editing features such as adding text, songs, effects, etc.

3. Applications that are popular among young people.
TikTok is now a popular application among teenagers because most of the active TikTok accounts are teenagers

4. Fitur #hashtag.
Adding hashtags is a good strategy for promoting products, such as #fyp, which often allows our content to appear on other people’s pages, and if it works, many people will like, comment and even share our content widely.

With these benefits, there is no longer any reason for us to be confused about opening an online business.

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