And with a well-designed onboarding period you can achieve a lot. Hiring criteria in a chart Source: Source: In addition, it is important that we retain the current staff. I can write blogs about that alone, or a book (affiliate) ;). I personally think that maximum attention should be paid to this. The turnaround time of employees in e-commerce is very short.

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The main reason: the culture. It’s still really a male culture. I was recently present at the event Shopping today and the testosterone met me at the entrance. We all shout that we make the best product, but meanwhile most teams are far from Turkey Phone Number diverse. Receive recognition In order to achieve almost impossible schedules, overtime is becoming more common and we prefer not to work part-time.

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To retain staff, it is important that employees feel welcome and heard. Get recognition for their successes and ensure fair remuneration and promotion policies. This trend may not immediately be a “more sales” trend. This will help you with good growth, better products and services and a pleasant working atmosphere. Perhaps even more important than more turnover. I could have named many more trends for this article.

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