Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization in French, has become an essential tool in web marketing. There are nearly 2 billion sites indexed on Google servers alone. So, to make sure that your site will stand out in this jungle, you need to master the concept of SEO.

In this article, we’ll explain how SEO works and how to train yourself to master SEO on search engines.

Understanding the Basics: What Is SEO?

Natural referencing or SEO is a process that aims to improve a site’s ranking in organic (non-paid) results on a search engine like Sierra Leone Email List Google. The higher your website ranks, the more likely you will be that people will see it and click on it to visit it.

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The basics of an SEO strategy can be learned in just a few hours on the web. This will provide you with a quick knowledge of how SEO works and you will quickly understand the essentials of SEO on Google.

If you are going to take SEO training on the web, you should be prepared to do some technical and analytical work. Your main goal will always remain the same: to be among the best in search engine rankings.

To be among the best, your site must meet the basic criteria imposed by search engines, namely:

Provide Quality Content for Readers

Set up a good SEO structure and an optimized website for a quality user experience
Have enough good internal and external links for other sites to relay the content
The loading speed of a website
In other words, SEO is all about showing the right site with the right information, to the right people.

How to train in SEO?
The basics of SEO can be learned in just a few hours on the internet and the updates are plentiful. So do you have to pay for training?

Free or paid SEO training
Back in the day, to master SEO, you had to learn everything you needed to know online, because professionals and most institutions didn’t officially teach SEO.

Today, there are SEO training courses leading to certification, as in France with those provided by the University of Mulhouse. Since 2008, several universities and grandes écoles have offered SEO training within their establishments to meet market needs.

However, you can still learn SEO through the many sites available on the internet. There are enough free training materials available to turn a beginner into an SEO expert with the same level of skill as college training.

Despite this, the majority of SEO experts are self-taught and primarily use free online resources to learn.

There is an incredibly useful and active SEO community online. As you become more familiar with this community, you will inevitably come across “SEO gurus” websites selling courses that teach you about SEO.

Why Pay for Seo Training?

The truth about these courses is that the majority of the information they provide can be found for free online. So why would anyone pay for training?

The answer is that a course can save you a lot of time. The information is gathered in one place and you can do your learning with a structured curriculum. This will help you avoid wasting time and wasting time with irrelevant training content.

Is a course absolutely necessary to learn SEO? No. Will a course save you time? Yes. So your training technique will depend on your objectives and your need to quickly master SEO techniques and the functioning of search engines.

Beware of conflicting information in SEO
SEO is an industry known for having a lot of conflicting information. Here are two reasons for this:

SEO is changing fast. Information that was true six months ago may not be true now.
Google and other search engines keep the inner workings of their algorithms a secret. There is therefore a lot of speculation on the internet as to how a search engine works or not.
If an idea seems believable, even if it is false, it immediately becomes truth on the internet and is taught as such. Plus, if one SEO tactic works for one website, that doesn’t mean the same can be successfully applied to another. So be careful!

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