After all, a visitor or participant does not have to leave the house. Of course, there are also some risks involved. Experience is one of the main reasons why people like to visit an event. But that is not always easy to achieve online. Not only are you much more easily distracted, many virtual events involve one-way traffic. Listening to someone who is only transmitting is just very boring.

Physical, online or hybrid?

By choosing online, you as an organizer choose safe and accessible. Fortunately, nowadays there are many ways to involve and (continue to) fascinate your audience, also from a distance. Some formats are ideal for this. In our professional Jaarbeurs Studio, for example, there Venezuela Phone Number are many different options for maintaining interaction and dynamics. From kick-off event to real talk show.

Also in this new year

With the latter you can, if you want, really pull out all the stops. Think of an online show with all the trimmings: high-profile guests, a musical intermezzo, interviews and/or an award ceremony. But you can also think of webinars, workshops, keynotes (à la TED-talks) and an online conference. Hybrid events One of the most important upcoming formats is hybrid. This form bridges the gap between online and offline visitors.

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