I see more and more companies using online events for marketing and branding, instead of as a source of income. Events are crucial to their marketing mix for 85% of marketing executives and most companies now spend 10-20% of the marketing budget on virtual events. I therefore expect a strong increase in this type of event in the coming year. 6. Plan C The Greek scholar Heraclitus said it so beautifully:

Memorable events that engage people

The only constant in life is change. At the time of writing, a new corona variant has already been located in our country and with global developments in matters such as vaccination coverage and impact Kuwait Phone Number on healthcare, corona will also have a significant impact on the industry in the coming year. I can already notice from events that I organize in other European countries and the.

One of the major trends

So we will look more closely

United States that we are doing really well in the Netherlands with regard to the measures. Worldwide, 39% of event planners indicate that a vaccination is mandatory before attending the events. Tests and antibodies don’t count. Try doing that in the Netherlands. In addition to the standard points of attention, such as an extensive hygiene protocol.

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