If mails are sent via a marketing automation package, it is still not entirely clear. How an ‘open rate’ is measured of a sent mail. When the mail is opened in a preview pane of the mail client. At least, without actions of ‘download images’ from the user. Google has/wants/will determine the cohorts with its FLoC in such a way. That an x ​​number of the same type of ‘profiles’ can be reached, making individual targeting increasingly difficult.

Looking beyond your own website

Two important questions that arise for me are: Can, want and/or should we look at other – perhaps softer forms – of (online) marketing in order to reconnect with the customer? Is data in itself sacred, or is the old ‘gut feeling’ sometimes good (enough)? Well substantiated Australia Phone Number with data, but not just more data-driven marketing? Logical thinking & empathizing with your customer From practice, and experience, my gut feeling is often the same as the final results of A/B tests.

Logical thinking

Does that make me a good marketer? Who knows, will tell. But I think it’s more about thinking logically and empathizing with your customer. This is often just as important – if not more important – as performing yet another split test or tapping into and combining that fourth data source. How about you? And if it turns out that data itself turns out to be only part of the entire customer journey and marketing techniques and tactics to reach.

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