The implementation of many collaborative platforms such as Notion , has now made work easy and user-friendly within teams. Whether you are a self-employed person or a business, such an application will be very useful for you. Its goal: to create and archive notes, for a fluid collaboration. Want to know more about Notion? So, let’s take a look at this note taking app.

What is Notion?
Launched in 2016, in California, Notion is a company that deals with the creation of digital applications. Its collaborative platform, of the same name, is fully customizable. So you can set it up as you wish so that you and your employees stay organized as your Solomon Islands Email List projects progress. To this end, a good organization will allow you to carry out projects in accordance with the values ​​advocated by your company.

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Notion is quite simply a collaborative note-taking software. This application facilitates the management of pages, but also of common workspaces. If this platform is truly known for note taking, also know that it offers calculation tables, knowledge and databases.

If you need an all-in-one tool that not only helps manage a large number of pages or notes, but also ensures perfect group interaction, you’ve come to the right place. Notion, it is the winning ticket that will certainly help your different teams to optimize their productivity.

What Are the Different Features of Notion?

What people love about Notion is that there is the wiki feature which helps in creating and sharing the database in an intuitive way. Through the drap and drop function, you can enter the type of content you want with just one click. Plus, in one place, you’ll have the ability to save email addresses, phone numbers, business goals, and more. From your first steps on the website, you will quickly realize that it is possible to manipulate more than 30 types of content, namely: videos, codes, iFrame, lists, images, PDF files, etc. . Each update made on the site is done in real time.

Project and task management
Notion is a productive note-taking app that allows a team to track, plan, and complete tasks in one place. In addition, it allows you to have control over the various projects of the company, notes, databases and knowledge. What could be better than an application with which, in just a few clicks, you can create tasks and assign them to an entire team? No matter how many projects you have to control, it will be very easy for you to achieve it. All members invited to the different channels will instantly have an overview of the different tasks or projects added. Whatever time zone they are in, they will be able to comment on posts from their workspace and in real time.

Note Taking and Documents

The functionality of Notion can allow users to integrate any type of content, just like the Wiki option (videos, images, bookmarks or even integrations). The use of such a function is also similar to that of Wiki, which is based on a simple drag and drop gesture. You also have the option of keeping your notes and documents private or sharing them with your teammates. They can, if necessary, comment as your various projects progress.

Concept: Subscription plans
Due to its many features, the California-based company has many users on its website. It generated an amount of 10 million dollars in 2019. You will understand, more and more users find the application of note-taking interesting in trial version and, therefore, do not hesitate to opt for one of the premium versions.

The Free Plan

Just like the premium plans, the free version is very user-friendly. It can give you the option of inviting an infinite number of people to join your note-taking team. Even if you browse without spending a single penny, you can store up to 1000 notebooks with a maximum size of 5MB per file. You can also send note content to external members via a link, but you will not have the right to allow edits or file shares. People to whom you send documents from a free account will only be able to read and comment on them, no more.

The personal plan
This account is only reserved for one person. This plan is worth $ 4 per month and for that amount you can store the files in the app as much as you want. In addition, you have no limit on the size of the files to download. In addition to enjoying the version history for 30 days, you can allow (or not) the people who receive your notes to edit or share them.

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