So little or no programming knowledge is needed to, for example. Link 2 systems together. Think of linking your email marketing system to your CRM system or to your webshop. Numerous solutions are now available. Source: G2 Trend 3: Hybrid events. We are finally allowed to go to fairs and events again! At the same time, everyone realizes. That things will no longer be the way they used to be.

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Better consideration takes place before traveling to an event. Although the personal contact is extremely. Valuable, an event can often be followed online. And often a combination is the perfect solution: a hybrid event. Unfortunately, this is often seen as a live event where the presentations Ghana Phone Number are streamed. However, that is not what is meant by a hybrid event. Because in practice it is an event aimed at physical visitors.

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They come for the presentations, speakers, visit a trade fair stand and take the goodies with them that you simply get at a trade fair. Also read: This is how you take the first steps towards a first-party data strategy During a true hybrid event, the online visitor has an equal experience to the physical visitor. There are several options for organizing such events. And to offer the online visitor, for example, the network moments, stand visits and interactivity that is necessary.

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