Facebook offers new resources for businesses to develop on a more equal basis.

Facebook for Business has been offering new resources on its website since January 2021 for companies wishing to promote equal opportunities within them.

What the largest social network calls “Business Equality” represents the set of actions implemented by companies to accelerate a more inclusive and diverse world. This includes measures to foster inclusive representation in advertisements and media, improve economic mobility for all types of businesses, and make concrete decisions about how we all spend our time and money to support a better world. egalitarian.

Facebook executives are strongly committed

Facebook executives are strongly committed to this type of action, and they, along with companies that use the famous social network, want to shape a new future at the heart of this space. It is for this reason that Facebook has just launched a new resource center focused on the concept of “Business Equality”. Over the years, Facebook collaborators in charge of this project have collected information on this topic for structures of all sizes, and the American firm now has a space dedicated to the company and marketers in this regard. beginning of the year 2021.

Arielle Gross Samuels, Head of Global Business Strategy and Engagement at Facebook, introduces this new initiative in these terms:

“Placing equality in the workplace at the center of decision-making is no longer an option, it is an essential element for progress and innovation in the 21st century”.

For the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, there has never been a better time for companies to embrace this concept of equality and echo the aspirations of an ever-growing audience.

And here are some figures that Facebook gives us, to try to convince us:

70% of adults surveyed in the United States say they want to see more diversity and inclusion in online advertising
77% of Gen Z say they prefer brands that promote gender equality on social media
More than 75% of men and women appreciate that brands promote gender equality on the internet.
What the Business Equality Switzerland Phone Number List website includes


Here is everything a company can find on the new Facebook site dedicated to the promotion and development of equality in the workplace:

The latest tools, programs, training and resources that companies can use to promote the concept of “Business Equality” on a daily basis.
Facebook programs like “SheMeansBusiness”, “Elevate” and “Boost with Facebook”
Creative and advertising tools like “Ads for Equality” designed to help eliminate bias in advertising
Sources of learning about diversity and inclusion, such as videos presented by leaders and links to useful training
Concrete examples inspired by companies and organizations that have already started this process.
Let’s take a look at the 3 programs offered by Facebook, namely “SheMeansBusiness”, “Elevate” and “Boost with Facebook”

Facebook programs

– SheMeansBusiness

SheMeansBusiness is a space allowing women entrepreneurs to establish links with other entrepreneurs, to share advice and to move forward together in their professional project.

Since this program was launched by Facebook in 2016, more than 1 million women have been professionally trained, across some 30 countries around the world.

With this program, Facebook offers online events, the “#SheMeansBusiness sessions”, where it is possible to listen to the stories and journeys of renowned business leaders and emerging women entrepreneurs.

Facebook also provides free tools to grow their business, free advertising campaign plans, and online courses.

Facebook offers women free advertising campaigns – under certain conditions – to help them reach their target audience and their goals. Thus, Facebook will make it easier for women who participate in this program to easily reach people who love what they do, get noticed, and turn their contacts into customers.

– Elevate

Facebook Elevate provides education, training, community, and business support for people of color or of Latin / Hispanic descent.

Facebook wants to support these communities with products and programs that promote social and economic empowerment. Sheryl Sandberg, the director of operations at Facebook recently said that by 2023 the social network expects to reach 1 million members of the black community and 1 million members of the Latin and Hispanic communities with free training and digital skills through the Elevate program.

Established in 2018 to accelerate the economic success and impact of people of color in American business, Elevate is here to help black, Latin American and black small businesses, creators, associations, students and job seekers. Hispanic. It provides educational services, mentoring, and strengthens community bonds.

With Elevate, affected companies will be able to easily find the equality resources they need to be successful and achieve their goals, using the following tools:

Workshops / workshop:

Virtual coaching sessions on how to optimize the use and management of products and services offered by Facebook
Live events: like Q&A sessions about digital marketing, or culturally relevant topics and personal experiences
“Circles”: opportunity to share experience and receive coaching from a Facebook mentor to improve online marketing strategies
Professional connections: these are contacts that can help improve the economic prospects of students, job seekers and minority-owned businesses, to launch careers
News: important announcements, tips, etc. to keep those involved in this program informed
Boost with Facebook
This program is for small businesses, to which Facebook wants to provide free tools to grow. In fact, Facebook offers in this program the same things as in its SheMeansBusiness program, namely free tools to grow your business, free advertising campaign plans, and online courses.

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