The browsers Safari, Firefox, Explorer and Chrome (by January 1, 2023) scale down and dismantle third party data . The data market is booming and all parties are preparing for stricter regulations in the future. But until now, advertisers have been able to take full advantage of the joys of 3rd party audience insights and targeting. So that will soon be over! Together with privacy expert Lejo Duivenvoorde.

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I briefly answer the most important questions. 1. What will concretely change and what implications will this have for advertisers? Parties with large datasets of Dutch people – often collected over longer periods Costa Rica Phone Number and built from public data sources and by purchasing and combining data files – lose their business based on the use of cookies. Think of parties such as Experian, Epsilon and Acxiom. The audiences they provide to target advertising will no longer be for sale in adtech environments such as Google DV360.

I don’t have 1st party data

In any case, no longer via the route of third party cookies. On the other hand, a lot is already possible via the third party route, but also in the future. Scale will be a challenge here. Since Google announced that third-party cookies may no longer be used , it is no longer open to new third-party data providers. Acxiom profile image. We will not see many pictures like this in the future… (Source: Acxiom) 2. Is this a big problem for Dutch advertisers?

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