Where are they used to placing an order in a foreign web store? Where do consumers mainly buy from domestic online stores? The figures from the annual Eurostat Model Questionnaires on ICT in 2019 show the following among people aged 16 to 74 who made an online purchase in that year: Purchases in Europe – Chart But how do you get the most out of this growth expansion?

Social commerce

Various scans are available that allow you to quickly see where your opportunities lie. This gives you direct insight into your strengths and points for improvement and you can further optimize your international processes. This way you can Belize Phone Number get started right away and make the most of the cross-border opportunities. 4. Efficient Technology Stack If I see a clear trend, it is optimizing, optimizing and optimizing.

What are the trends

Research by Netskope shows that an average company now uses 1295 cloud services. Of these, about 120 are marketing-related. For example, think of Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, but also Google Mail, Grammerly or Microsoft 365. It also appears that 96.3 of these services are not ‘enterprise-ready’. This means that with each new tool or software, the risks of so-called ‘cloud-enabled threats’, malware or ransomware increase.

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