Sometimes, it’s nice to leave your computer screen to dive into a good book! With this reading list, you will combine the useful with the pleasant since it will be about digital marketing. Inbound marketing, SEO, growth hacking, etc .: all the marketing trends and news are there, and all you have to do is discover them, in French and in English.

Digital Marketing for Beginner 2022

This 160-page English-language book written by Oliver J. Rich and released at the end of 2019 is captioned: “Guide to Making Money and Building Your Own Online Business Using New Digital Marketing Techniques, and How to Create passive income resources ”.

This is a good introduction if you want to have an overview of the world of digital marketing in 2022, and where it is Bahamas Email List particularly about Google Analytics, social media, and many other things.

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Succeed in SEO
“Succeeding in SEO Web” is a bit like the SEO bible for the French public. Composed by SEO expert Olivier Andrieu, this thick book of over 600 pages will tell you almost everything about SEO, from how search engines work to SEO criteria, so you can apply it to your site. internet, whether you are new to the subject or already have a good foundation.

Inbound Marketing – Attract, Conquer and Enchant Customers in the Digital Age

We’ve been hearing a lot about inbound marketing in recent years, but do you really know what’s all about it? Stéphane Truphème delivers a fascinating book about this holistic marketing approach, focused above all on the customer, and increasingly popular with digital marketing agencies. How to attract new customers without advertising? This is one of the many questions the author answers in this book.

Social Selling – Using Social Networks to Sell
This book by Sophie Attia explores this current marketing technique which uses social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook to increase its sales. The author answers many questions in this book which will give you the keys to optimize your digital social media marketing, develop simple techniques to generate leads, and ultimately, boost your sales and your turnover, to based on concrete examples.

Facebook Advertising

Whether you like Facebook or not, reading this English language reference book written by Michael Robert Fortunate is highly recommended if you want to use the world’s most famous social media app in your marketing strategy. Facebook has indeed become an inevitable platform for e-commerce, and Fortunate gives you a ton of information and gives you its secrets on how to run your advertising campaigns or select your target audience, for example.

The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap
This recent work in English is the fruit of the work of Josh Nelson. Subtitled “How to build a million dollars digital marketing agency”, it will deliver you an incomparable amount of resources to take your digital marketing agency to the firmament. Whether you want to set up your business soon, or you are currently the owner of an agency, reading this book appears essential, because the author himself has gone through all the stages of the creation of such a company, and its success is exemplary!


“Ranked” explores the world of Google Analytics and tells you about direct traffic, bounce rate, time spent per page, average session length, page views, average page load time, and more. , in short everything you need to know about this data analysis tool offered by Google and which can help you optimize your marketing processes.

This work by the Englishman Constantin Singureanu has an academic character, well suited to the content, but which can sometimes be a little technical.

Webmarketing – Define, Put into Practice and Optimize your Digital Strategy
This beautiful book of more than 700 pages is among the most complete on this vast subject. Moreover, there were five of them to write it, under the direction of Guillaume Eouzan. He combs through all aspects of a successful digital marketing strategy and will answer many of your questions, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a web marketing student. In addition, the authors provide plenty of tips drawn from their own experience.

Write Well for the Web: Content Strategy to Improve SEO

Isabelle Canivet offers you through this imposing 730-page book an overview of the best web writing techniques, but not only. If you have a website, the importance of content, it must necessarily speak to you! This reference book is already in its 4 th edition, and its acquisition will provide you with interesting methodologies to improve the information architecture of your site, your content, and by extension, your referencing.

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