“Motion design” literally translates to “movement design”, and that’s what it is about: the objective of motion design is to create a tangible visual reality from images, by using techniques combining art, communication and cutting-edge techniques (video, 2D graphics, 3D animation, special effects, etc.), in a rather short, advertising-type format.

Making such videos is not for everyone. It is for this reason that your company would be well inspired to call on motion design professionals in order to benefit from their skills in visual art, but also concerning the implementation of a global digital communication strategy, which notably includes the distribution of videos / films created.

Here is our Top 10 motion design agencies in Paris, so that you can choose a partner capable of transcribing your brand’s values ​​through short and striking videos, which will be broadcast on your website or on social networks.

1- Peech Studio

Peech Studio is an agency specializing in the design and creation of video content in the 15th arrondissement. Founded in 2014 and a pioneer in the market, their team is made up of experts and passionate collaborators. Their clients ask them for different types of videos (animated computer graphics, character animation, TV spot, 3D film, etc.) and different needs (marketing, HR, internal and / or external Botswana Email List communication, employer brand, educational, etc.).

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They notably support Airbus, EDF, Adidas, TF1, Acer, TotalEnergies and many others.

2- Eiko Studio
Eiko studio is an agency of the 13 th arrondissement of Paris. Their slogan is engaging: “Eiko, the agency that wishes you well”, like their solid and numerous references (Total, Bouygues, Allianz, BASF, Clarins, etc.).

Eiko Studio can help you achieve all the visual elements of your digital marketing campaigns: films, brand identity, branding, etc. For this agency specializing in visual communication and motion design, there are no small budgets, but on the contrary, only large projects. Obviously, this reputable studio will support you in the realization of your ideas, but they are also able to provide you with sound advice regarding your overall visual strategy.

3- Gorilla

Gorille is an agency specializing in motion design, which puts innovation at the service of creation.

If you want to know what the different types of motion design are, why use this technology, or what drives companies to favor motion design, do not hesitate to contact the agency, they are inexhaustible on the subject.

They also offer an online platform that allows their clients to see the work being done almost in real time. You propose, and they make the desired changes to your satisfaction.

In addition, this agency can provide your business with global communication expertise: video capture studio, digital creation, global communication, etc.

4- 87 Second
87 Seconds is an agency specializing in the creation of videos present in several major cities in Europe and around the world: Paris, Milan, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, etc.

These professionals are able to concoct advertising videos that stand out from the competition, create interactive, animated, educational videos, etc. which use the principles of motion design, mixing the main technologies available today.

Thanks to 87 Seconds, your company will benefit from unparalleled visual exposure, supported by the implementation of different types of strategies, adapted to your objectives: event communication, promotional, corporate, etc.

Among their loyal customers are Thalès, Canon, liebherr, and Garnier.

5- Full Content

Full Content is a creative editorial agency with several areas of expertise, including motion design. So, call on their services, whether you need a 2D or 3D communication campaign, a video clip or an institutional film. Their team can offer you an inventive, simple, and original visual digital strategy, capable of highlighting your brand image, while adapting it to a variety of channels. In addition to the visual aspect of your digital communication, Full Content is committed to designing your tailor-made editorial content, which has already won over the largest companies: Lenôtre, Colliers, La Redoute, Saint-Gobain, etc.

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