Matthew Cutts is an American computer engineer specializing in software design. He is famous around the world in the tech world for having been for many years the “anti-spam man” and the SEO (natural referencing optimization) referent at Google. In 2006, the Wall Street Journal even declared that Cutts “is to research results what Alan Greenspan is to interest rates.” Which places the character in the world of advanced technologies of Silicon Valley.

Currently, Cutts serves as an administrator at USDS (US Digital Service), a US federal administration that aims to improve the digital services of the national administration.

Brilliant Scientific Studies

Matt Cutts was born in 1972 and spent his high school years at Rowan County Senior High School in Morehead, Ky. A few years later, in 1995, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Kentucky. He continued his university studies at the University of North Carolina where Cayman Islands Email Addresses a master’s degree in science.

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A gifted and motivated student, Cutts decides to do research and embark on a doctorate. His thesis topic is the discovery and analysis of information in the Internet. In January 2000, the young engineer joined Google as a software engineer.

An Emblematic Figure of The Mountain View Firm

Before working in the Google Quality Research Group, Cutts worked with the advertising engineering unit and in particular on the famous Google family filter, called “SafeSearch” that he designed. It was from there that his colleagues gave him the nickname of “porn cookie guy”, because Matt had taken the habit of sending cookies homemade by his wife to the users of Google who brought back him sample sites. pornographic material considered undesirable under the family filter.

However, Matt Cutts was never too harsh on webmasters whom he had to sanction, as he cared for them, and for the people who were just trying to do their best and fight for their business. He’s been struck by some webmasters’ lightning sometimes, but the Mountain View firm’s spam and family filter “boss” says the best answer is respect. That being said, he confessed to having received a handful of death threats …

In 2004, Google management asked him to lead the spam team. As early as 2001, the famous search engine had a quality group of around 8 people. She didn’t just deal with spam, but speed etc. With Matt coming to the helm, the team focused on the “spam” aspect. Back then, they could change any part of the algorithm because there was no review group.

Webmaster World

In the course of 2005, Matt became famous on the Internet by participating in the “WebmasterWorld” forum for a while and starting his own blog. Then he started making webmaster videos, so computer enthusiasts could see what Matt Cutts looked like. This period coincided with the beginning of an assumed notoriety. In these videos, Cutts reminded webmasters and Internet users of the rules of conduct to follow.

Finally, Cutts announced in July 2014 that he was going to take a few months off to spend more time with his family and try to do new things, especially Ironman, i.e. long-format triathlons. ! When he joined Google in 2000, the young computer engineer had agreed with his wife to work very hard for a few years and then to enjoy life together. Fifteen years later, he has finally kept his word.

In May 2015, Google said Cutts was replaced as the head of the web spam team, but his successor’s name will not be made public, while Cutts is on leave and has not officially resigned. of the flagship Silicon Valley company.

A New Career in The Service of The Nation

Cutts let the press know in 2017 that he is definitely leaving Google to join the US digital administration, the “US Digital Service”, or USDS. This is hardly a surprise, as the engineer had already started working for the US government as early as 2016. Matt Cutts leaves behind a busy career with the search engine giant.

In its heyday, it can even be argued that Cutts overshadowed the two co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and CEO Eric Schmidt, due to his media coverage and cutting-edge knowledge in the field of SEO and the fight against spam.

The USDS is an institution that describes itself as a “start-up in the White House”, made up of specialized teams responsible for running the many websites, services and other digital resources of the US government. Here’s how Cutts explains the difference between his job at Google and his new responsibilities at the top of the state: “Working for the government doesn’t pay as well as a managerial position in a big company in Silicon Valley. We don’t have free meals. All I can tell you is that the work is very important and exciting, and that you have the opportunity to look at things that really improve people’s lives.

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