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If the shoe fits, put it on…

Yes, tell me more! As a sneaker enthusiast and PR consultant, I look with admiration at companies like Nike, who have turned free exposure around their crazy sneakers into art. In this article I will not go into the classic Nike commercials, advertisements and sponsorship Japan Phone Number activities. I immerse myself in the sneaker scene and try to understand how Nike makes its target group work for itself with the help of hype building.

Am I a willing victim of the sneaker industry?

Sneakerhead subculture: the ‘Mods’ from the sixties – in a new guise. Now that the sports shoe has long since ceased to be used. Only for sports and the megatrend of individuality will not fade any time soon, the need for exclusive, special edition sneakers continues to grow. Fans of a specific model do everything they can to score that one performance. The big brands make good use of this. How?

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