TikTok is still an easy target for social media marketing today. Based on Sensor Tower data, TiktTok ranks first for social media that is often downloaded all over the world. Thus, marketing through TikTok is still a powerful way for businesses to promote their products

However, many are still misunderstood about Marketing through TikTok. Why? because many still think that by marketing through TikTok, your business products will sell well. Though, not necessarily. You should know the following things to pay attention to when using TikTok as a marketing tool so that you don’t get stuck in selling.

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Target Adult Audience In doing business, of course you have to know who the target market for your product is. Based on Google Play Argentina WhatsApp Number List Indonesia survey data, TikTok users have reached nine million users and the audience ranges from 13-24 years old and 41% of them are pre-teens, teens and young adults. Teenagers tend to buy things that they don’t need, but because they want them.

We can see that the age of 12-24 years is a relatively young age and does not like products that have high selling values. If you’re selling products to customers over the age of 30, you should reconsider that. because it will be difficult to connect with your target market.

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2. The Base System of TikTok Itself
Although there is no doubt that using TikTok has benefits as a means to increase brand awareness. It will be very challenging to talk about this platform as a sales medium.

The basic system of this application has a mechanism for entertainment with fun songs. As such, there is no function that would allow you to link them to your product’s website directly. This is what makes it difficult to drive sales through TikTok which does not yet have a link click feature like Instagram.

3. Performance Tracking for Analysis Purpose
The analysis system on the TikTok application is only available for a period of 28 days. This means, if a business uses Tiktok as a marketing tool, manual recording by the owner or marketing staff must be routine in the long term.

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