Platforms such as Stockx keep a detailed record of price developments per model and shoe size. The set-up almost makes you think of a stock exchange, where price fluctuations are tracked in percentages based on supply and demand. Although the sneaker brands do not initially make money from the resell. Market, this dynamic contributes continuously to their brand image .

The Rules of Audience Segmentation

In marketing terms, this is called the carry-over effect. The initial promotional activities indirectly have a positive effect on future sales figures. A cool trick? Nike’s approach, among other things, responds to the time-honored principle Pakistan Phone Number of ‘exclusiveness’. Make something too exclusive, and there’s too little inventory to earn on. The solution: massclusivity . With a little imagination, you will come up with the definition.

In the battle to find more

The massclusivity approach is more in line with the sneaker business. Photo of sneakers that have become more expensive. Stockx – sneaker resell website source: Now you may be wondering ‘can I do this trick for my fire too?’ It depends on. It largely depends on the nature of the product you want to market. Scarcity alone does not create hype.

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