Keeping up to date with the latest marketing news is not always easy, information often arrives in English and is then relayed several days or weeks later on the media.

How to sort through and know that they are the relevant novelties for your activity without falling into the traps of miracle solutions? There are thousands of sources like the media, blogs, Twitter accounts, influencers, and finding the right information takes real research.

In addition to this, you have certainly already had the opportunity to come across an article that is too technical or incomprehensible. Consulting digital news with Junto is much more practical. We offer our readers an overview of the best information with our newsletter and popular articles published on our blog .

Stay Informed to Find Opportunities

The advantage of being always informed about digital news is to be able to use the new levers in preview on channels such as social Reunion Email Lists networks and research networks.

Reunion Email Lists

Our digital marketing agency draws its resources from the most influential people in the world in terms of e-marketing. It works in close collaboration with the giants of the net like Facebook, Google. We get valuable information which we share with you! Managing and investing millions of euros for companies in advertising gives us a better chance of unearthing new products in order to identify new levers.

Our Newsletter

One of the popular ways for businesses and startups to stay up to date with all digital marketing news is to subscribe to our free newsletter. Junto’s newsletter is full of relevant data for all those who aim to succeed on the web through digital levers. Get a sneak preview of what’s new on social media, influencer marketing, search engines like Google and social media.

The blog
Junto analyzes the most popular topics on the internet at the heart of digital news in order to offer you useful and practical articles.

Our guides and online resources are available on our blog, our content is regularly updated and is based on the research intentions and requests of our customers. The digital world is full of tools for companies and individuals looking for a serious presence on the internet and we allow them with our articles to discover them in more detail. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, search engines and many others will hold no secrets for you!

Our Responsiveness

Because we know the world of startups well and the need to go fast and well, Junto sets up many contact points to share the latest e-marketing information. When we are called upon and we have to support a client, our teams scrutinize the innovations often tested in the United States and are always one step ahead by knowing the latest levers that work.

Our communication campaigns stick with the new resources available on the internet to always be in the right place and the right time to support brands. Why not you ?

A digital source at your fingertips
Need to know the tricks to place yourself in the top of organic search results? Find our SEO resources and guides that work with recent updates to the Google algorithm. Do you want to ensure a significant presence on social networking platforms and use the latest innovations? open blog Are you interested in influencer marketing, but don’t know who to contact or where to start? influencer marketing On you find live every day all the information on social media, e-commerce, big data, the latest trends, interviews.

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