What persuaded the ‘unknown visitor’ – according to the statistics that you will look at later – to come to you? Is it your ad? Are they perhaps referrals and reviews from others? The conversation at the bar with a friend (word of mouth)? Or the match on search terms and defined keywords on your website? Or did you intervene in this process yourself?

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The latter is very exciting. social listening In my previous article I discussed social listening (social media monitoring). In short, the ‘Google’ of social media, forums and influencers. What you can do yourself is sometimes much more important than relying on data Canada Phone Number and analyses. Precisely by finding your own way, promoting your own expertise and providing (potential) customers with help on these platforms, sites and people/organizations/influencers on socials.

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Where they are and to follow and connect with important people who are important to your potential customer. Selfless dissemination of information, but a kind of commercial mindset is certainly welcome. When responding, the gut feeling is ‘there may be something in this’ or ‘shall I answer this?’ often beating. gut feeling Many studies have been done on the gut feeling. To the question.

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