Can you always trust your gut feeling?” the following answer is given: “(…) it is certainly good to trust your gut feeling. This second brain knows much more than you think and enables you to make decisions more freely and faster, without endless deliberation.” To come back to what you can do yourself with regard to giving a response and/or advice: always be honest, open and transparent about who you are.

Marketing is traditionally

When you communicate outside your own ‘owned media’. Independent provision of information is of course always possible, and also collaborations with third parties to show your expertise, share blogs/news articles or expand your own network. Sharing content ensures that your messages Denmark Phone Number increase exponentially in reach. ‘The power of social media’ as I call it. A new look at reporting and knowledge sharing With social listening you often open up a new world for yourself.

Marketing is based on 'marketing your product

How do you get rid of that c*t customer?

A new and different view on how to use reporting and knowledge sharing. The ‘step -1’ before visitors come to your own (social) media and websites is often more interesting than the journey they make on your website. Because you serve the visitor/customer in those places where they have not really heard of you, ensures that you are more relevant. And if you also guide your lead to the right landing page.

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